10 Fall Trends on a Budget

With Fashion Week in full swing I thought it was a good time to talk Fall trends on a budget. I chose some of the easiest to adapt trends this season and share a few of my picks that are under $50. Most of these trends will be easily found in stores like Gap, H&M, Old Navy, Target, and other department stores.

1. Winter white
Winter white is a huge trend this fall, and one I love to see. Fall colors are usually so dark, and the addition of winter white is a bright note this season.

2. Beanies
Practical and cute, beanies are a great accessory for winter.

3. Turtlenecks
Turtlenecks are not a personal favorite, but they are warm and cozy, so it’s nice to see them on trend this year which will mean more readily available styles and colors for turtleneck fans.

4. Emerald
The color emerald is the color of the Fall. Retailers are interpreting this in a variety of ways–it can range from a jewel tone to a darker green.

5. Statement Outerwear
We’ll see more statement pieces in outerwear this season. Choosing something that’s on trend but will last over time is a challenge, but look at color, fit, and a different material like leather that will be an update on a timeless look.

6. Plaid
Plaid is a classic print, and one that’s in this Fall. Plaid pants and skirts are where most retailers are focused, but you can also find plaid shirts that are reminiscent of the grunge era of the 1990s. (or if you keep old clothes, pull a ’90s version out of your closet)

7. Slouchy Pants
While the drop crotch look is not something I’ll ever understand, slouchy pants are a trend I can get behind. Comfortable and chic look for flowing fabrics and pair them with a more structured top or blazer.

8. Leather
Leather is in a big way this season. Affordable options are mainly vegan/faux leather, but it’s come a long way from ‘pleather’.

9. Camo
Camouflage is a trend that can be worn in a variety of ways, but look for faded camo skinny jeans or accessories.

10. Tuxe
Tuxedo inspired clothing is another fun trend. Jackets or blazers are a great way to add it to your wardrobe without spending a lot.

Below you’ll find some inspiration for your wardrobe in my picks that are all under $50.

10 Everyday Fall Fashion Trends

What trends are you planning to adapt for your wardrobe this Fall?


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  1. DonnaReedSteoh says

    Can I get 3 cheers for the Turtleneck??

    Also YAY for style on a budget! Thanks for sharing – I’ll be pinning this post as shopping reference!


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