• http://www.busygirlblog.com/ nicole

    this is neat!

  • http://www.misstejota.com miss tejota

    I love the concept, but I’m too lazy to go through the steps to try and secure a free cup of coffee. I’m more likely just to donate, so someone else who doesn’t suffer with the lazy gene can get something.

  • Amanda @ High Impact Mom

    LOVE this idea! This is fantastic, I’m trying this out this week too!

  • http://littlemissmoneybags.blogspot.com Little Miss Moneybags

    I thought it was neat at first, but now it looks like there’s a social marketing machine behind it. Jonathan is apparently a VP at Mobiquity, a company that designs mobile marketing campaigns and works with Starbucks.
    He’s denying that it’s a paid promotion, but I’m pretty skeptical.

  • http://20andengaged.com Briana Myricks

    That’s pretty cool! I’m now following it on Twitter and going to go ahead and put some money on it. Hopefully someone gets a much needed coffee.