CA Wine Club Review: Castoro Cellars Pinot Noir & Gewürztraminer

This is my second month receiving a shipment from California Wine Club-a subscription service that ships wines each month for you to enjoy. I love that the variety is always different, and that the packages include so much detail about the wines including details about the winery itself.

This month I received a shipment from Castoro Cellars that included a Pinot Noir & Gewürztraminer. While I’m a fan of Pinot Grigio, but reds I’m more finicky about and I had never tried a Pinot Noir before.

I drank the Pinot Noir along with a steak and salad for a late dinner one night and it was lovely with that meal. It had a rich, but fruity taste, but wasn’t at all bitter or overpowering like some reds can be to me.

I combined it with some dark chocolate on my second tasting-always a winner.

By my last glass I was happy to drink it on it’s own. 😉

This particular Pinot Noir won awards last year, so people who know a lot more about wine than I do would recommend it as well.

The Gewürztraminer was another new kind of wine for me. I had never heard of it, but a quick search brought up some info that made me think I would love it. Gewürztraminer is a white wine that is best served chilled, and best paired with Asian cuisine or salads.

I opted to first taste this wine on its’ own. From the first taste I enjoyed this wine. It was exceptionally good when paired with gluten-free crackers, some sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh apples. It was also wonderful on its’ own.

California Wine Club Discount

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Believe me this gift will be well loved by anyone who enjoys wine. It such a great luxury to have wine shipped directly to your door with information about the wine included.

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What wines have you tried lately that you loved?


Disclosure: I received a three month subscription to California Wine Club. Free wine makes me happy.  ;)

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