How to make your own fries at home: Super Fries Recipe

Super Homemade Fries

Making your own fries only sounds like something that’s hard to do. In reality it’s a fairly simple way to make a crowd pleasing side dish at a frugal price.

Homemade french fries

I like fries as side dish for steak, burgers and hot dogs, and as a salty snack. My 6 year old still insits we have them on Friday. Get it? He says it’s because Friday was named for fries. ;)

We developed a method over time in the ‘Whalen test kitchen’ that is complicated but produces amazing fries. We dubbed them ‘Frugal Fries’ since they cost so little to produce.  The amount of time it takes and forethought makes it a bit too difficult for everyday. I needed a lazy way to make awesome fries, so after some trial and error here’s the method and recipe for Super Fries!

Super Fries Recipe

Super Fries Recipe

How to make your own french fries


  • 5 lb bag organic potatoes (preferably russets)
  • sea salt
  • peanut oil or canola oil
  • optional: other fry spices like garlic salt, pepper, or cayenne pepper
  • toppings for fries: ketchup, BBQ sauce, salsa, cheese,bacon-anything goes!


  • wash potatoes with scrub brush
  • cut off any bad parts
  • optional remove some or all of the potato skin
  • cut potatoes into thin slices by first cutting in half lengthwise, then cutting slices into small strips (1/4 to 1/2" thick-length doesn't matter)
  • use paper towels in bottom of bowl or cooking pan to sop up water from cut potatoes as you work
  • in large stock pot heat 16-20 ounces of oil on high
  • once heated add enough fries to cover the bottom of the pot with room to move
  • using a draining ladle stir and separate fries as they cook
  • once fries are golden remove from pot and place on pan or plate covered with paper towels
  • add salt and other seasonings while they are hot
  • continue cooking batches until you have cooked all the fries
  • serve warm and enjoy
  • note: you can let oil cool and reuse it by straining it and saving it

Have you ever made your own fries?


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