Easy and Frugal Homemade Popcorn Recipe

Stovetop popcorn is one of our favorite snacks! We perfected this recipe and it tastes even better than movie theatre popcorn since it’s not overly salty! We also make it healthier with coconut oil, and using organic kernels.

We gave up microwaved popcorn years ago for this easy to make and frugal recipe since microwave popcorn is both high in sodium, and the coating it’s made from is scary unhealthy.

It seems hard, but it’s easy! Over time you’ll get accustomed to popping the corn perfectly. I can now do it so nary a kernel is left in the bottom of the pot!  Once you perfect your own stovetop recipe you can come up with a variety of flavors with spices, and other toppings! (bacon popcorn anyone?)

Tip: Keep your unpopped kernels in the freezer-this helps them pop!  


Add coconut oil to stockpot, heat on high.

Add organic kernels to cover bottom of pot. Shake to coat with oil. Optional: add a pat of butter.

Homemade movie theatre popcorn

Cover with lid, and shake while it heats.

Stovetop popcorn

Watch as it pops!

Popping corn on the stove

Look ma, no burned kernels!

Turn on a movie or your favorite TV show and munch away!

Do you make your popcorn on the stovetop? Have you ever tried any weird or wild popcorn flavors?  


About Kelly Whalen

Kelly Whalen is the founder of The Centsible Life, a blog where motherhood and money meet. Her goal is to help readers live well on less. Kelly is a mom to 4, and loves that she can stay at home with her kids, and still pursue her passions for writing, personal finance, and social media. You can often find her on twitter and Facebook talking money and motherhood.

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  • http://www.betterinbulk.net/ Lolli

    I’m like you. I love popcorn, but didn’t realize for years how EASY it was to make really GOOD popcorn healthy and easily on my own. I haven’t tried it with coconut oil, though. It’s on my list now!

  • http://profiles.google.com/knittingzeal Diane S

    Once I realized how easy it was to make stovetop popcorn, I’ve never bought microwave popcorn again.   I haven’t used coconut oil yet, but will next time!   One tip I learned somewhere online was to put three popcorn kernals in with the oil during preheating.   When they pop, add the rest of the popcorn and the pot will be perfectly preheated so all the popcorn will pop!

    • http://www.thecentsiblelife.com/ Kelly Whalen

      Since we keep our kernels frozen it helps to warm them up prior to heating, but that’s a great tip if you don’t!  

  • http://www.scottishtrustdeedsuk.co.uk/ Scottish Trust Finances

    The  difference  comes from the fire on the electrical system and firing fuel.

  • Darla, HeartWork Organizing

    Do you have a gas or electric stove?   I know it theoretically shouldn’t make a difference, but you know it does.  

    • http://www.thecentsiblelife.com/ Kelly Whalen

      Darla, I have an electric smooth stovetop, but I’ve done the same recipe on a gas stove in our old house and at my parent’s house. :)