How to Help Natural Disaster Victims

With the news dominated by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy and the storm still causing issues in many regions many people are left wondering how they can help.  Here is a list of ways you can help whether you are local to the disaster-stricken areas or not.

  • Check In: If you know people in the effected areas check in and see if there’s anything you can do to help. In some cases people will need a place to go, in others it’s enough to know you’re thinking of them.
  • Offer What You Can: Locals to a disaster who have power, warm showers, etc. can offer neighbors and friends a place to warm up, take a hot shower, and charge devices. If you have a warm place to sleep-make room for company.
  • Donate via Text Message:  Simply text 90999 on your phone to donate $10 to the American Red Cross which helps fund relief efforts to all natural disasters.
  • Donate Blood:  Over 300 blood drives were cancelled due to Sandy, and there is always a need for blood donations, but especially in times after a natural disaster. You can find out how to donate in your local area by googling blood drive or blood donation and the name of your city or state.
  • Volunteer: Whether you live locally or not you can volunteer your time to help disaster victims by either traveling to physically help clean up damage, spread awareness, and collect donations.
  • Start your Own Drive: While the Red Cross and many larger organizations can’t accept personal donations, you can start your own drive either to raise funds, collect gently used items, toiletries, or even a toy or book drive since many families lost everything.

Organizations that Are Helping Victims of Sandy:

Know of other organizations or have other ideas about how people can help? Share them in the comments.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone who is affected by Sandy.


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