October Best Time To Buy

Now that I finally have my allergies relatively under control with my new allergy shot routine, fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler temperatures and the boots and bulky sweaters that go along with the season change, the leaves changing into beautiful hues of red, orange, and gold, college football season and fun tail gaiting adventures, and the beginning of holiday shopping sales. October’s Best Time to Buy offers many deals to get me started on my holiday shopping, and I’m currently putting my shopping lists together as we speak.

Best Time to Buy

Cars –  A lot of new cars start arriving into the dealerships starting in September, so look for new deals on last year’s model starting in October. Especially look for special rebates or deals that may appear at the end of the month.

Fishing Gear – Winter months are the best months to get deals on off-season sporting gear, and fishing gear fits into this category. Start looking for deals in October.

Cookware – Start to watch for now holiday sales on cookware in October and November.

Holiday Airfares – The sales for holiday airfares continue through the beginning of this month.

October Best Time to Buy

Toys –  Start your holiday shopping now. Some of the best sales on toys can be purchased with special deals and offers beginning the holiday season now. So get your kids wish lists in order, and start to carefully follow the advertisements and deals offered in your area.

Re-positioning Cruises – There are two times of years to get a deal on repositioning cruises, cruises offered with cruise lines are moving their fleets for the different cruising seasons. They are spring and fall. Look for great discounts in October regarding these cruises.

Large Home Appliances – In September new models started rolling in and retailers started clearing out last year’s models. Sales on last year’s models continue in October.

Air Conditioners –Stores begin to clear out air conditioners in the cooler months, and that time of year started last month and continues through winter.

Shrubs, bushes, bulbs – Depending upon your place in the country, right before your first hard freeze can be a great time to plant shrubs and bushes. Coincidentally this is also a great time to find deals on shrubs and bushes as retailers clear out winter merchandise. Bulbs are also on sale, and if your climate demands that you wait until spring to plan these bulbs, you can buy them now and safely store them over the winter.

Gas Grills – Grilling time is almost over. Look for deals as stores clear out their inventories.

October Best Time to Buy

Jeans – Back to school shopping is generally over at this point, and stores are dropping prices on leftover inventories such as jeans.

Health Insurance – For a lot of companies now is the time of year for open enrollment in regards to your health insurance. Be sure to read through all of your options presented to you buy your company to make sure that you pick the plan best for your family. If you are insuring yourself, shop around now to make sure you are getting the best deals on health insurance.

Everyone who has ever tried to make the most of their money knows that in order to get the best bargains on certain goods, timing is everything. So in order to help the readers of The Centsible Life get their bargain timing down to perfect, I have created a “Best Time to Buy” list for each current month. Use these lists to make the most of your money through out the entire year.

What are you shopping for this month?

Kelly  Kinkaid

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  • http://www.moneyaftergraduation.com/ Gillian Money After Graduation

    I love finding cheap items in the off-season! I’ve started for Christmas, and other than that just the typical purchases. But we could use a new a/c for sure.

  • Whitney Sparks

    Christmas. I agree w/you to start early. Online stores will start offering free shipping. In-town stores will begin competing with coupons and other freebies to draw you into their stores. Plus it allows you to actually enjoy the holiday w/out all the stress!!!

  • Marie at FamilyMoneyValues

    I’m starting to shop for kids Christmas gifts…which from a thriftiness point of view I probably should have done much earlier….but, I never know what the grandkids will be into at the end of the year!

    What do you think of kids subscriptions for things like ‘kit of the month (for crafts or science, etc)’ for a gift for kids?

    • http://www.thecentsiblelife.com/ Kelly Whalen

      Marie, we tried shopping ahead one year and realized our shopping didn’t match the kids lists at all. Oops!

      For the right kids they can be an awesome gift! We’ve done Lego club before and enjoyed that immensely.