Alexandra Rain App + Guitar Giveaway

I’m always looking for new apps to entertain the kids at those in between times. We like to have a few fun apps, but also some that focus on education and positive messages.

That’s why I’m excited to see the launch of the Alexandra Rain app-an app that focuses on modeling positive qualities like courage, love, and peace. The app follows the journey of a fashionable 8 year old little girl named Alexandra Rain, who calls herself a ‘Super Model Extraordinaire!’ While she enjoys modeling fun fashion styles, what she loves to model most is the kindness in her heart.

The definition of ‘model’ is understood in two different ways in the app and stories. Alex is a fashionista and likes to model clothes and jewelry, but her primary focus is modeling kind, positive behavior with each story focusing on a different message.

The first book in this series is all about courage. The book takes you through an interactive story about a typical day at school when Alexandra is afraid and needs to find her courage. Through a series of storylines and interaction she learns what courage is, and how to find her courage.

“The best fashion statement is what you model with your heart.” -Alexandra Rain

Whether your daughters love princesses, rock-n-roll, sports, or art the Alexandra Rain app teaches girls to be themselves.

Alexandra Rain App Features:

  • Dress Up: Calling all fashionistas! Girls can create their very own fashion creation with the Dress Up Alex feature.
  • Karaoke: Sing along to her hit single “You Can Model Love!”karaoke style and watch her music video “You Can Model Love.”
  • Coloring: Color the fun coloring pages featuring Alexandria!
  • Matching: Fun matching game!

Download the App:
Download the app, and enter to win a guitar, and join us for a twitter party to take part in the rockin’ fun.

Available on iTunes for only $1.99 starting November 14.

Twitter Party with $1,000 in prizes!

Twitter party November 14th at 1pm ET with over $1,000 in Rockin’ prizes!  RSVP here!

Links to Check Out:

Alexandra Rain website

Win a Daisy Rock Pink Glitter Guitar (ERV $300!)

Just in time for the holidays Alexandria Rain App is giving away Diasy Rock Pink Glitter Guitars to help your own girl be a ‘Super Model Extraordinaire!’.

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  • PARENTise

    That sounds like a fun app. And we’re always looking for ways to entertain the kids in those in between times!

  • Carson

    Encouraging them to be independent

  • Shannon

    I teach them to be brave by letting them know it is okay to stand up for themselves.

  • amanda r

    I teach my five year old daughter to be brave by all her strength she has enduring her chromosomal disorder all the appointments she actually teaches me how to be brave for her.

  • nichola

    i’m teaching my daughter to be strong and have the courage to be herself.
    i involve her in charity work to teach her to care for others.
    most importantly to have morals.

  • Mary Elderton

    I teach mine to be smart–they can learn anything. And to be kind.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot dom

  • Niurka M. Garcia

    I teach my daughter no mattter what always do the right thing