Upcycled Glass Bottle for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time for upcycled craft projects, with bottles and boxes being used for costumes, decor, pinatas and more.

For this craft I took a glass raspberry lemonade bottle and turned it into a vase, perfect for a Halloween mantel, or centerpiece for the dining table.

Upcycled glass bottle to Halloween vase

What you need:

  • Glass bottle
  • Spray paint – whatever color you like, but I had Krylon brushed metallic in nickel leftover from a previous project
  • Polyurethane – I prefer it in a spray
  • Black cord
  • Halloween trinket – or whatever you have on hand, maybe an old brooch or necklace
  • Sandpaper

Step 1:

Clean and dry the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and spray 2-3 coats of paint evenly around the bottle, allowing each coat to dry completely before spraying the next.

Step 2:

Using a piece of sandpaper, gently remove sections of paint to give the bottle a worn look.

Step 3:

Apply 2 coats of polyurethane, allowing each coat to dry completely.

Step 4:

Attach a simple Halloween trinket, brooch, or whatever else you have chosen to the bottle with a piece of black cord, or simply glue it in place using E6000 glue.

DIY Halloween decor

I love Spider Mums, and they come in this beautiful shade of green, as well as orange, purple, white and red, so no matter what color scheme you use for Halloween you’ll find a pretty bloom to match.

So, what is your favorite color scheme for Halloween? I always go with green, black and white.


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