Paper Plate Shakers for New Year’s Eve

If you have leftover paper plates from your holiday celebrations, here is a great way to use them.

DIY New Years Eve shakers for kids

These paper plate shakers are simple to make and kids can help.

What you need:

Paper plate craft for kids

This is a part that kids can help with.

Have them paint just one side of each paper plate (you need two per shaker) with one coat of paint, set aside to dry, and then paint a layer of glitter paint over the top.

how to make paper plate shakers

Once the paper plates are completely dry attach the chipboard numbers using hot glue.

Attach the wood stick to the inside of the plate (that doesn’t have the numbers attached) using the hot glue.

Pour enough rice onto the bottom plate (with the wood stick) to cover the bottom of the plate.

Apply hot glue to the highest section of the bottom plate, making sure that there are no gaps. Quickly place the plate with the numbers attached over the top and press down the edges until the glue is completely dry. Ensure that the stick doesn’t move around, if it does, apply a little more glue to secure it in place.

Paint over the chipboard numbers with white (or any other color you desire), set aside to dry, and then apply a coat of glitter paint over the top.

If you have any bows leftover from Christmas decorations or packages, attach one to the stick underneath the plates.

DIY New Years Eve shakers for kids

I hope you all have wonderful and safe New Year celebrations.


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  1. Miss.Sami says

    Adore it! I was telling my 5yr old son Grandma use to let me have friends over on N.Y. Eve. If we stayed up till midnight we could use wooden spoons & bang them on skillets! This maybe a little better for my husbands sanity.


  1. […] Speaking of kid-friendliness, many of us will ring in the new year with our loved ones who are young. Like, toddlers and teenagers and in-betweens. This is a great kid-friendly way to add sparkle to your festivities: use leftover paper plates, some glitter, and rice to create shakers. (But don’t forget the glitter and glue.) These can be displayed in a vase for most of the night and pulled out for the midnight celebration.{found on thecentsiblelife}. […]

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