365 Menu Plan: Week 45 Menu + Mr. Lid Review

One of the challenges you face when you’re trying to make healthy and quick meals is not only have a system for shopping and menu planning, but also for cleanup. I’ll be sharing more soon on the system we’ve been using to get everyone to pitch in, but the easiest part is making sure one person is responsible for bringing in all the meal dishes. Everyone brings in their plate and cup, but someone has to clean up the meal dishes, and put the food away.

Making it easier on the kids to help out I’ve started purchasing some plastic containers. While I prefer glass it’s not realistic to expect my littler kids to not break them. One of the biggest problems though, is finding the lids to the containers!

Thankfully we received Mr. Lid containers where the lids are literally attached to the container! It’s made putting away food and storing snacks in prep for the school week so much easier.

Mr. Lid  aren’t just a clever idea though, they are also BPA-free and made in the USA which makes them an even better buy! you can find them online and in stores.

Now onto to this week’s meal plan!

Week 44 Recap

Monday:  Gluten-free pasta with an assortment of toppings, garlic bread, salad, and  perfect chicken.

A crowd-pleaser for sure.  

Tuesday:  Pork chops, apples, salad, and roasted carrots and potatoes.

We had hamburgers instead of pork chops.

Wednesday:  Tacos with my  taco meat recipe  and sharp cheddar, salad, wraps or chips, salsa, and guac. YUM.

A  family favorite-we have had this every week!

Thursday:  Brinner–Pancakes  with a side of bacon, smoothies and coffee.


Friday:  Pizza night! Both  homemade  and  gluten free  with a side salad and garlic toast.

We experimented a bit with a new flour and it wasn’t popular. We’ll work on adjusting our recipe to make it work.

Saturday:  Clean out the fridge night.

We ate out instead, because we wanted to celebrate our 10 year old’s big win! Her soccer team won the Finals. So proud of her for working hard this season.

Sunday:  Hamburgers with a side of salad and    super fries.

We ended up cleaning out the fridge tonight instead. Steak, wraps, sandwiches, and more.

Week 45 Menu: Week of November 12th

Create your own rotating menu plan by downloading my  menu plan templates  which includes a handy grocery list template, and browse all 40+ weeks of menus  here.

Monday:  Brinner:  Pancakes  with a side of bacon, smoothies and coffee.

Tuesday:  Roasted chicken, rice, green beans, side salad.

Wednesday:  Tacos with my  taco meat recipe  and sharp cheddar, salad, wraps or chips, salsa, and refried beans.

Thursday:  Roasted pork chops, apples, salad, roasted carrots and potatoes.

Friday:  Roasted chicken legs, roasted potatoes, green beans, salad.

Saturday:  Clean out the fridge night!

Sunday:  Pizza night! Both  homemade  and  gluten free  with a side salad and garlic toast.

What’s on your menu this week?


Disclosure: I received a sample pack of Mr. Lid products.

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