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The Centsible Life is a website devoted to to the helping readers live the life of their dreams on a budget. Our aim is to show you frugal ways to cut back on spending, source products and info to help you save, and share personal finance concepts to help you grow wealth.

The website was founded by mother of four, founder Kelly Whalen, who believes you can have it all, but on a budget! She should know since she’s been doing just that for the last 17 years as a mom and household CFO.

Centsible Life Covers Diverse Topics Including:

Money Management:

Budget Beauty and Fashion:

Living on Less: 

Inexpensive Crafts:

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Meal Plans and Recipes to Save Money:

Inexpensive Home Makeovers

Frugal Family Fun:

The Centsible Life and owner Kelly Whalen have been featured for publications such as Money magazine, Woman’s Day, and USA Today. Her blog has been featured on websites such as the Consumerist, and MSN Money Blog. Her blog was named a “Money Blog We Love,” by Woman’s Day magazine. For more info see our press page.

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The Centsible Life Staff

Kelly Whalen: Owner & Editor

Kelly bio

Kelly Whalen is the owner and editor of  which covers family, finances, and fulfilling your dreams on a budget. She started blogging in January 2009. Kelly has been working in social media since 2007 has been active in online community building since 1997! Kelly is extremely active on twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites with over 30,000 followers across social media platforms.

Kelly offers brands an experienced mom’s perspective. She has worked with brands such as Vanguard, Discover, GIANT Food Stores, Best Buy, ConAgra Foods, Acura, eBay, Chevy, Kenmore, Colgate, Kmart, Playmobil, and many others. (phew!) Her passion for blogging and social media led to a career in social media. Kelly now works as a freelance writer, speaker, brand consultant, blogger, and digital marketer.

Kelly resides in the Philadelphia suburbs with her supportive husband, 4 children, and fluffy dog.

A note from Kelly:

I started the Centsible Life to collect all the advice and information I learned as I started digging our family out of debt.  The blog quickly became more than a hobby, and soon I realized I was helping other people and building a place where people could learn how to manage their finances, and live a better life. Now the Centsible Life is my job, and it’s a job I love!

I’m fortunate enough to get to write, talk to readers, and still be available for after school pickups and bedtime stories.

Have questions you’d like to ask or a blog post you’d like to see? Email me at kelly@thecentsiblelife.com. I’m always happy to hear from you!


Stephanie Anderson: Social Media Assistant

stephanieanderson_1367949258_22 Stephanie is a freelance writer, social media manager, virtual assistant and superhero. She chronicles her adventures through blogging, life, marriage, cooking, parenting and bringing sexy back (but not necessarily in that order) on her blog Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Stephanie creates social media content and helps manage the Centsible Life social media calendar. 

Brittany Turulski: Editorial Assistant

Brittany Turulski Bio

Brittany Turulski is a former professional customer relationship manager in the corporate banking industry with 15 years experience. She left behind the corporate world to be short order cook (and constant laundry washer) for her family. With a banker’s brain and some spare time (now that her kids are in school) she’s taken on the role of editorial assistant here at The Centsible Life as well as acting as a virtual assistant for hire. She can often be found juggling 6 tasks at once with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Tonya Staab: Crafts Staff Writer

Tonya Staab is a freelance writer and the creative mind behind the blog  Create-Celebrate-Explore  where she shares craft tutorials, recipes, party planning, decorating, and travel tips. She hopes to inspire parents to share their love of the kitchen, travel, and all things creative with their children. Her ideas have been featured on websites such as iVillage, Lifetime Moms, Canadian Family, and Nickelodeon Parents Connect. She is a blogger for Blissfully Domestic, Kidzui, Creativity for Kids, MotherKnows, Multiples & More, and Rusty and Rosy. She has spoken on a Creative Blogging Panel at Etsy’s headquarters, and has been published in the Triumphant Child, Guide To Raising Newborns. She was named top 10 craft and home entertaining bloggers on Twitter by Cision Navigator. Tonya is also an Australian born military wife who currently resides in California with her three children; six year old twins and a teenager. Mud puddles and glitter don’t scare her.

Tonya writes bi-weekly craft posts with a focus on frugality. Her posts often feature upcycled materials.

Julie Meyers Pron: Beauty Staff Writer

Eternal optimist, Julie Meyers Pron has been called a “Momcyclopedia” and a “real life Google.” A mom to three, wife, educator, marketer, cheerleader, budding organizer, and me-time enthusiast, Julie shares her knowledge, lifestyle tips, business-savvy suggestions and real life stories helping you to parent confidently while remaining your stylish self at Julieverse.com. A self-trained stylist, she curates her boutique at Chloe + Isabel where she offers advice on accessorizing your style through vintage, boho and trendy accessories. Julie lives with her family in suburban Philadelphia driving to various sporting events, volunteering for PTO and, when she can, working out and writing.

Julie shares bi-weekly Centsible Beauty posts with readers to help you find the best options for less.

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