Centsible Disclosures

This is a listing of all disclosures for The Centsible Life, a Whalen Media LLC property. See our privacy policy here.


The Centsible Life and owner, Kelly Whalen, accept many forms of compensation including but not limited to cash, products, and trips. Cash is earned through 3rd party advertisers such as Google, direct advertising, affiliate accounts, sponsored posts, brand ambassador programs, and social media consulting.

Occasionally Kelly will post about causes she is passionate about, and while she may be approached by a company to do so, she only chooses to post about causes she is personally passionate about.

If you click on a link to a product, website, or use a coupon code Kelly may receive a small portion of the profit from the sale. These are known as affiliate links.

All sponsored posts will be marked in accordance with FTC regulations. Kelly will also disclose when she receives a product, compensation, or expenses at the end of her blog posts.

Compensation may effect the content, advertisements, or links at The Centsible Life, but does not effect Kelly’s opinion. Kelly will always offer her honest opinion of a product, including criticism.

Any product, link to a website, or advertising is approved by Kelly with the exception of Google Ads.


The Centsible Life offers giveaways for readers on occasion. These giveaways are often paid promotions or in conjunction with other sponsorship opportunities. Official rules for all giveaways available soon.  The Centsible Life and Kelly Whalen are not responsible for prizing that is lost or delayed during shipment. For a full list of giveaway rules please see the Giveaway Rules page.


Occasionally Kelly will attend an event and receive a swag bag, but because she isn’t a fan of crowding her house with stuff, she usually gives those products away. Some will be given away on her blog, some to charity, and some to family and friends. Receiving a swag bag in no way influences Kelly’s opinion of an event.

Social Media Accounts

Kelly is very active in social media. If she attends an event she will often tweet about it, share it on Facebook, or use other forms of social media to share her experiences. Kelly is not paid to do this, but considers it a courtesy to her hosts.

Kelly will also occasionally use social media as a part of a campaign. In all cases she will use a #ad or #spon tag at the end of tweets that are part of a campaign she is compensated for. If Kelly is sharing information about a client she will use #client to identify paid relationships.

Kelly will share updates about products and services from companies that she has had or currently has a relationship with. Those relationships may influence her decision to share via social media.

Kelly is not…

  • a financial expert. Please speak to a financial advisor, your accountant, or an attorney if you would like an opinion or advice on something that is written here.
  • a parenting or child development expert. Please speak with your pediatrician, a child psychologist, or someone who has a title that isn’t “Mom.”

Kelly is 100% honest about her experiences, and opinions about everything she encounters, and will not work with or for brands that will not allow her to critique their brand.

Any questions, please contact Kelly at kelly <at> thecentsiblelife <dot> com

Updated as of September 27th, 2011