Budget-friendly Wines and Cocktails

While I am budget conscious, I do enjoy a good glass of wine and the occasional cocktail. When we go out to eat I cringe at the prices knowing the $9 drink costs very little to make, so in typical frugal fashion I have started to look for ways I can enjoy a drink or two without the guilt of overspending. The answer is to buy them and imbibe at home, or look for a local BYOB restaurant.

Typically I look for a budget-friendly selection, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up taste either!

SkinnyGirl Cocktails & Wines{$$}

While these pre-made cocktails can be over the $10 mark (typically ranging in price from $11-15), they are worth it! The cocktail mixes are just chill and pour (or shake with ice and pour), and low-calorie too.  The flavored vodkas are perfect for making all kinds of mixed drinks.

While I have not tried the wines the White Cranberry Cosmo is my favorite year-round. Perfect for a girl’s night in with appetizers or served at an upscale backyard bbq.

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René Barbier Mediterranean Red & White{$}*

These wines  are available in red and white, and retail for $6! They are modern wines from the Catalunya region of Spain where they have been making wine for centuries!

The red wine is rich, and velvety. The red has hints of vanilla, and wild berries. It has a smooth finish that pairs well with beef, pizza, or pasta.

The white wine is a crisp and refreshing white wine that is low in acidity, and has a flowery flavor with a light citrus background. It pairs well with chicken, fish, or salad.

More info:  Website, Facebook

Torrontes, various brands {$-$$}

An Argentinian white wine, Torrontes is poised to be the ‘next Malbec’. Bottles usually range in price from $6-$15, and there are lots of choices. This white wine has a beautiful aroma, and a dry, smooth finish. It’s the perfect combination of fruit and crisp.

Try Alamos Torrontes  or  Trivento Reserve Torrontes

The Naked Grape {$}

I discovered these when they were on sale (for $6-7/bottle) at my local wine store, and fell in love with the Moscato. Ok, maybe love is a strong word, but it’s got a rich, fruity flavor and boldness that I love. All of the wines I have tried from this vineyard have been simply wonderful.

More info: Website,  Facebook


The most important thing to remember when you’re looking for wine on a budget is to try new wines that are in your price point. When you do find a wine you love in a great price point it’s worth picking up a few bottles, or a case so you have some on hand, and even have a few for gifts when the occasion is right.

While I am no wine  aficionado, I am a casual wine lover, and hope this helps you choose some budget-friendly wines and cocktails for your next party or gathering.

What wines or cocktails have you discovered that are budget-friendly?  


*Disclosure: I received samples of the René Barbier wines.

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