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Carrie Smith is another one of those bloggers that I discovered everywhere when I started writing in the financial blogging world. When I got to know her a little better through a women’s financial writers group on Facebook, I decided that she would be a perfect candidate for the Knows Money series here on The Centsible Life. I asked her to be part of this great and she happily agreed. So without further ado, here is Carrie Smith.Carrie Smith Knows Money

How did you start writing about finance and what motivates you to continue to write about finance?

I started writing about personal finances after I spent 4 years working at H&R Block as a tax professional. Every day I saw many of the same clients come to me with very similar same tax questions and money problems. I started my blog as a platform to reach more people and help answer the daily questions we all face when it comes to finances.

What are the 3 most important tools you use for blogging?

The top 3 tools I use for blogging are:

  • WordPress for publishing the content
  • Google Docs for writing and editing my blog posts
  • Twitter to interact and share content with my audience

What is the best and worst financial decision you ever made?

They’re actually one in the same. When I was 23 I purchased my first home, with no down payment and no idea of what I’d gotten myself into. I lost a lot of money and time trying to fix it up and keep up with the mortgage payments. I was, as the saying goes, “asset rich and cash poor”. While it was the worst decision to make financially, it was also the best. I learned that just because it’s the American Dream, that doesn’t make it right for me.

What is the single best piece of financial advice you ever received?

The best financial advice I’ve received, is a quote my dad used to say, “When your income exceeds your outgo, your upkeep will be your downfall”. Whether that means spend less than you earn or increase your income, the principle lesson is still the same. You can’t get ahead by spending more money than you make.

If you could write about something other than finance what would it be?

I’m very passionate about careering coaching and helping other people cope with their jobs. I already share career advice on my blog, even though it’s not directly related to personal finances, but if I could focus my writing about careers and jobs more often, I definitely would.

What 3 bloggers do you read and why?

  • Pat Flynn from – Pat’s advice is straightforward and extremely helpful for anyone wanting to make extra money by working online. His income reports are an awesome testament of how transparent he is about his income and wanting others to succeed financially too.
  • Alexis Grant from – I am fortunate enough to work on Alexis’ team and she’s a true inspiration when it comes to making a living doing what you’re passionate about. She’s the one who inspired me to start my freelance writing business so I could have more freedom to travel.
  • Hassan Osman from – I’ve been following Hassan’s writing for over a year now. He gives very valuable advice for people like me who are trying to balance being an employee with building an online business. I love his drawings and sketches which makes it much more exciting for a visual person like me.

Carrie Smith

Carrie Smith

A financial writer who writes about all things money, debt, career and travel
Careful Cents
At Careful Cents, she helps people get out of debt and find a career they love.

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Knows Money is a series focusing on a variety of great writers in the financial blogging world. Be sure to check out each writer’s blog for more information about them and finance. If you know someone you would love to know more about, feel free to offer your suggestions in the comment section.

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    Love this article! Can’t wait to get to ‘know’ Carrie better …

    Best Takeaway: “When your income exceeds your outgo, your upkeep will be your downfall”… I think this is a mantra so many need to adopt 😀

  2. Mandy @ Money Master Mom says

    Carrie’s awesome! We met very late one night at FinCon walking back to the hotel :) It’s a great attitude that your house was your best and worst financial decision.

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