Mom 2.0 and The Evolution of Me


A note: This post contains a lot of links. I hope you’ll follow them. I included links to really, really great stuff and amazingly beautiful people and I hope you’ll find some inspiration in them the way I did at Mom 2.0.  Every post should start with cute babies. This one belongs to my friend […]

Sunday Reads: February 9th

Sunday is usually a time I’m prepping for the week, but this week we’re still waiting on news about our power being restored. Chester County was hit extremely hard in the ice storm and due to the sheer number of trees and lines down it has taken crews from PECO and crews from all over […]

I’d Pin That: New Tool for Finding and Editing Free Images

How to Find Free images for Pinterest

Recently my friend Jesse shared that he created a simple bit effective tool for bloggers to find public domain images to use on their websites. I was immediately intrigued. Finding the perfect pinnable image is a big a part of what goes into creating a great blog post or article online with the increase in […]

Sunday Reads: January 12th

One of the many goals I have is to read more this year. Not just books (though that’s something that I aim to do as well) but also finding more quality content on the world wide web. In that vein not only am I sharing my weekly Sunday Reads post but I also decide to […]

Small Business Printables for Bloggers & Freelancers

Printables for Bloggers

As a freelancer and blogger I often find that typical budgets and business documents don’t work for me. I end up creating my own custom Excel sheets and printables that I use throughout the year to keep my business organized. It occurred to me as I was prepping for 2014 that some of my readers […]