Sunday Roundup: Snow, Spanx, and Sunshine

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Looks like we’re getting one of the (maybe the) final storm this winter. We’re all stocked up on food, firewood, and have plenty more House of Cards to get through this afternoon and evening.

Sunday Roundup


Gold and White or Black and Blue?

So, we were all obsessed with the dress, right? Is it gold and white, or black and blue? I was firmly white and gold, but then I saw it CHANGE COLOR while I was scrolling. FREAKY.

Turns out it is black and blue, but the fascinating thing about it is not how silly our obsession over it became, but what it means about sight.

We all know some people don’t see things the same-they are colorblind. what the dress showed us is that color isn’t exactly as static as we think it is. Listen to this Radiolab podcast for more.

DudeMom Travel Picks

My friend Amanda is at Disney World with her kids right now, but before they hopped on a plane she shared this post about the most awesome travel stuff for kids, especially tweens and teens. While we’ve traveled a bit I found some new must-haves here. The ninja turtle folding papers are totally rad. Read more at DudeMom.

Tips for Runners

I may not be able to run right now but I’m looking forward to being back to running soon. The younger kids are signed up for running programs and I’m helping coach my son’s team, too. When I saw Jessica’s post about tips for improving marathons I knew it would be great advice-even if we’re only planning to run a 5k. ;) Read more at EatSleepBe.


Bali is on my must-visit list and seeing Katja’s post about 14 ways to experience Bali has me looking at flights. It may not be practical right now, but I’m planning for it. Just look at the photos in her post and you’ll be as enchanted as I am. Read more at Huffington Post.


Save big with Honest Company bundles

Honest Company is offering a great way to save. You can bundle your favorite products and save up to 40% off!

honest company bundles

Julep Gift with monthly subscription

Julep offers a great monthly service that allows you to get new nail polish in the mail each month. When you sign up for a Maven subscription they are currently offering sweet freebies-choose the one you like.

julep lucky you

Join Maven and get the St. Patrick’s Day Welcome Box FREE ($58 value) – just pay $2.99 shipping with code PINCHME.

Julep Birthstone March

Join Maven and get the March Birthstone Welcome Box FREE ($58 value) – just pay $2.99 shipping with code AQUA or get your Welcome Box FREE when you pre-pay for your first three months. Either way, you are going to LOVE being a Maven.

Sign up for Julep’s Maven boxes here.



Need I say more?

Slim Cognito® Shape Slip – Nude

Star Power Show Girls Back-Smoothing Racerback Bra – Natural Glam

Power Pant Color Band – Black & Spanx Red

Under Armour Sale
This sale includes men, women, boy, and girls sizes and a variety of fits and styles.

Mailbox must-haves
Lots of great magazines including National Geographic Kids, Real Simple, Clean Eating, and more.

Sign up for zulily here.

All You Magazine
I’m nota big magazine hoarder like I used to be, but I still love the occasional glossy magazine. All You is a favorite, and you can’t beat this price.

Get All You plus a Free Gift!
Special Savings Offer! Get ALL YOU for Only $1.67 an Issue + 101 Money-Savings Tips! Offer ends 3/3.

Planning a getaway? Jetsetter offers a ton of great prices on high end hotels. You can get 10% off in New York or Vegas or check out their other deals for a great vacation on a budget.

Use Promo Code: JETSETNYC for Exclusive 10% Off ALL NYC Hotels. Only on Jetsetter! (Valid thru 3/3)
Use Promo Code: JSVEGAS10 for Exclusive 10% Off ALL Vegas Hotels. Only on Jetsetter! (Valid thru 3/3)

Banana Republic
Remember how I mentioned in a recent post that Banana Republic always has sales? Here are two great ones this weekend for both sale merchandise and new spring pieces for cardholders.

Extra 30% off sale styles, online & in stores at Banana Republic. Use code: BREXTRA.

30% off full-priced items or 40% off full-priced items when you use your BananaCard, GapCard, or Old Navy Card. Use code: BRYOU.

Centsible Picks

I don’t have a of picks this week because I’ve shared most of them throughout the week in the posts, but this made me pretty excited to see when it landed in my inbox.

We wear sunscreen, but I find myself at odds with the spray it on every 5 minutes kind and the chemical laden sunscreens on most drugstore shelves. It doesn’t help that the kids tend to get skin reactions to certain sunscreens either. Honest Company has a sunscreen that looks great-no chemicals and only zinc oxide. Add in their adorable sun wear and I’m ready to head somewhere warm ASAP.

Honest Company Sunscreen & SPF Products
This is one of my go-to brands for household products, and they have a new sunscreen and adorable sun protection available.

Honest Company sunscreen

Sunscreen SPF 30

  • Natural, unscented, broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) 30 SPF mineral sunscreen
  • Easy to apply, non-greasy, non-whitening (non-nano!) zinc oxide sunscreen
  • Zinc oxide is the ONLY active sunscreen ingredient
  • Water resistant – tested effective for up to 40 minutes
  • Free of: PABA, phthalates, synthetic chemical sunscreens, fragrances, parabens, CFCs, dyes & most common allergens

SPF shirt Honest company

UPF 50 swim shirt

  • Full-coverage Swim Shirt is made of water-repellant nylon knit, with comfortable no-itch stretch and flat sewn seams
  • Chlorine and fade resistant-color won’t bleed

UPF 50 Sun Hat

  • Chlorine and fade resistant so the color won’t bleed
  • Colors: pink and blue

SPF hat Honest Company

Find something you love, read something great, or find a great thing? Share in the comments


Sunday Roundup February 22: zulily sales, slacker moms, and more

It’s another snowy, gray day here in the suburbs of Philly so I had a lot of fun putting this together for you. Grab a cup of something warm and get to clicking and reading.

Sunday Roundup

Centisble Reads & Videos

Slacker Mom Vacation

We’ve all been there. We make the best laid plans to do something amazing and awesome with our kids on their time off. Then sickness or an unexpectedly heavy workload or something breaking derail your plans. Jessica sums up exactly the perspective you need when you feel like a slacker mom.

“If you ask the International Unofficial College of Super Judgy Moms I have completely and utterly failed my kids this week. No educational day trips, no intricate crafts, endless hours where I completely ignored my kids.”

Read more at It’s Jessica’s Life.

Mother/Daughter Trip to Haiti

Leticia has traveled to Haiti several times to meet artisans in Haiti, bring donations of much needed donations and education to artisans in the area, and recently traveled with her daughter. She shares a bit about why they are heading to Haiti and you can take a look at her Instagram to see photos from their trip.

Read more at Tech Savvy Mama.

Wordless Books

Julie is a former educator, mom to 3, and she’s also a contributor on the blog. She shares the value of wordless books on her blog and 9 must-haves for your bookshelf.

Read more at Julieverse.

Time Management Tips

While these tips at Type-A Parent are focused on bloggers there are also some tools here that anyone will find useful. While I use a handful of these apps the most promising to me is EasilyDo. Seriously, I can not wait to try it out.

Find the rest of the apps Jamie recommends at Type-A Parent.

MomPrepares Podcast

Teaching your kids good financial habits can be challenging, but Rachel Cruze has some great advice for parents. She should know-Dave Ramsey is her Dad. Listen to a podcast interview with her at MomPrepares.

Listen at MomPrepares.

Centsible Picks

Centsible Life Picks 222

1. Choose your own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris

This book is fun to read, a fascinating look at Neil’s life and his career as a Hollywood star. Just like the choose your own adventure books you get to choose what part of Neil’s life you read about include some fictional fun. You can get the book at a local bookseller or at Amazon.

2. Otterbox

We have had Otterbox cases for the family iPads for some time now, but I have to give them a shoutout. While they’re a little pricey they are so worth it. They’ve lasted more than two years and I can’t tell you the number of things they’ve stood up against. 300x250 Free Shipping

3. Modcloth Swimsuits

I’ve been working really hard to get in shape and I’m down 30 pounds! (I owe you guys an update on that, by the way.) So when we went to Florida and my swimsuit was a little large I decided it was time for a new suit and while it seems crazy I had an idea in my head that I wanted to wear a bikini. The thing is my endless stretch marks (thanks, kids!) mean I need something high-waisted. A friend had purchased this suit in the past and when I was searching I found it online. It’s called the Beach Blanket Bingo bikini. While it comes in a variety of colors I got the black/white polka dots (they really look more navy/ivory in real life). Whether you’re looking for a bikini or just a new swimsuit Modcloth sells this great line of retro swimsuits. They’re a little on the pricey side, but the quality is great! Now I just need it to warm up!

Centsible Deals

If you’re shopping there are lots of great deals to be had from natural household cleaners to shoes and from workout gear to craft supplies.

Reebok Outlet

Now is your chance to stock up on your favorite Reebok outlet items! Today through Tuesday, you can save 30% off all outlet items when you use code SAVEMORE at checkout. There are hundreds of items in the outlet and these items go fast so hurry over to the Reebok Outlet today! Click here to save 30% off all Reebok outlet items.


zulily is chock-full of great sales for the weekend, and we would love for you to feature them on your site! From 50% Off The Honest Company Sale Through 2/22, to the 50% Off Gymboree Sale Event, and even more of the 40% Off TOMS Sale, zulily has it all!

Honest Company


1 Month’s Supply of Diapers and 4 Packages of Honest Wipes
8-Oz. Fruit/Veggie Wash – Set of Three

Choice of 2 Whole Food-Based Supplements


Red & Black Rain Boot – Youth

Pink Glitter Classics – Tiny

Black Houndstooth Classics – Youth

Black Rainbow Glitter Classics

Chambray Correa Sandal

Chestnut Suede Tribal Boot

2013 Edition Red Canvas Paseos

Rust Aviator Twill Utility Boot

Moss Earthwise Vegan Classics


Electric Yellow Octopus Swim Trunks – Infant, Toddler & Boys

Light Khaki Textured Hoodie – Toddler & Boys

Champion Navy Boat Shoe – Boys

Turquoise Scallop-Edge Flat Set

Coral Polka Dot Collar Romper – Infant

Red Orange Stripe Pleated Skater Dress – Girls

Crocs Sale

I know not everyone loves Crocs, but they come in handy in the Spring, and even better if you take a peek at their site you’ll find they have some shoes that are just as comfy as their regular Crocs but actually cute. I even have a pair of heels from Crocs!

Stock Up for Spring:Take $10 off orders over $50, $20 off $75 and $30 off $100 with code BUYMORE at!


What have you read, written, or are your favorites this week? Share in the comments.


Sunday Roundup February 15th: Thanks Obama, Transparent, and Prime Pantry

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and are not too frozen (if you’re somewhere warm-don’t answer that!). We had a delicious meal out the night before Valentine’s Day since it saved us some dough. Unfortunately we were freezing the whole time! The freezing temps and wind here in PA are crazy! I’m ready to pack up and move South! Thankfully there’s plenty to keep me distracted online and I’ve shared a few things to read, shop for, and a few of my favorite finds.

Sunday Roundup

Centsible Reads & Videos

Obama BuzzFeed video

Pretty much the funniest thing I’ve seen all week, though I do wonder why the President’s mirror isn’t clean. Thanks, Obama.

Vital signs to the cloud

New technology for your health is always neat but when it’s practical it’s even more amazing. This CliniCloud stethoscope and thermometer is being developed to send your doctor your vital signs from the cloud. This could be extremely helpful in keeping sick kids home and make diagnosing illness easier and faster.

What’s in my bag?

Ever wanted to know what I carry in my purse and how I stay organized? I share what’s in my bag at Mom Advice.

Advice on contest and sweepstakes

For bloggers, social media managers, and community managers this is important legal information about the legalities surrounding contests and sweepstakes from Sara F. Hawkins.

Missy Elliot Tribute

The little girl from the Missy Elliott videos grew up, but she still has moves! Here’s a tribute video she made after seeing Missy’s performance at the SuperBowl. Read and watch here.

Disney and ADHD

One of the reason we love going to DisneyWorld is because we can adjust our schedule and spend our time in ways that fit our family’s needs. Ellen shares ways a Disney vacation can be adjusted for a child with attention issues like ADHD. Read it here on Understood.

MoneyChat the book

#MoneyChat THE BOOK

Dorethia Conner Kelly runs a weekly chat called #MoneyChat that helps followers and readers learn the ins and out of managing their personal finances. Now she’s written a how to handbook that fills the gap between the financial information we all need and how we really live our financial lives. She explains financial terminology and complex financial concepts in easy-to-understand language including:

  • How to not just create a budget but prioritize one
  • How to create an emergency fund when there’s no money left over
  • How to save toward college in under 10 years
  • Why you should invest and where to begin
  • How to come up with extra money when you need it without patronizing a payday-type loan establishment
  • The best place to put your savings

The book is available starting this week, so be sure to pick up a copy at your local bookseller or on Amazon.

Discover gives you your FICO score 

Discover offers free FICO scores to cardemembers. It’s a great bonus for being a Discover card holder. You’ll be able to see and track your FICO score each and every month.

Watch their fun SuperBowl video.

Centsible Deals

Disney Store

The Disney Store is having a huge Family & Friends sale where you can get 25% off! If you’re planning to shop for birthdays, upcoming holidays, or a trip to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld now is the time to buy and score great deals.

25% off at Disney Store

Get 25% off at Disney Store

Stella & Dot

I am a big fan of Stella & Dot’s purses. I carry one every day. Now you can get an adorable Capri Pouch from Stella & Dot for only only $9.95 with a $50 purchase!*  This Hot Pink/Poppy colored pouch is a steal and such a great pop of color for your wardrobe or an easy to find pouch in your handbag. This offer is only valid until supplies run out or 9pm PST on 2/17.


I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the Clarasonic and this is a great deal and you get tons of great extras. Get this deal through 2/21.

Clarisonic Mia 2 targeted cleanse in amethyst, $149.

Plus receive a Clarisonic cosmetic bag, gentle hydro Cleanser & Deep Pore Daily Cleanser with any $99 Clarisonic purchase.


Gymboree has a huge President’s Day sale this weekend where you can get up to 80% off. 50% off all markdowns mean you’re going to get amazing deals on clothes for kids and Gymboree clothes last for such a long time. I often resold our Gymboree clothes after the kids wore them.

Get 30% off new collections and an extra 50% off markdowns for savings up to 80% during Gymboree’s President’s Day Sale!

Crazy 8

Crazy 8 is also having a sale with 30% off new arrivals and up to 70% off and you’ll get free shipping, too.

Get an extra 30% off for savings up to 70% during Crazy 8’s President’s Day event!


Audible offers up all kinds of audiobooks and if you sign up you can get two free audiobooks.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


Centsible Picks

Centsible Picks 215

1. Transparent

Transparent is an award-winning show from Amazon. Prime members can stream it for free. I started this show out weeks ago and binged it in two days flat. It’s such an amazing cast and the storylines feel like you’re peeking into someone’s real life.

Transparent – Only on Amazon Prime Instant Video – Winner of 2 Golden Globes Including Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy

2. Dermalogica

Dermalogica is a wonderful brand of skincare and while it is pricey this hydration kit with a $50 purchase is a great way to try out their line, and the hydration line is great for winter. I’m a huge fan of the oily skin kit (shown below, but also use the hydration products all winter long. Online Only you’ll get free Dermalogica hydration essentials kit with any $50 Dermalogica purchase from Ulta.

Oily Skin Kit


3. Invisibilia Podcast

Invisibilia is a podcast from NPR that explores ‘all the invisible things’ or the forces and emotions that drive us. The podcast is fascinating, fun to listen to, and while some debate the science shared it’s still a great listen. You can read more and find episodes here. Just a warning you’ll get hooked.

4. Prime Pantry

I’m a HUGE fan of Amazon Prime and their Prime Pantry service is just awesome. You fill a box with pantry items and pay a flat shipping fee for delivery. Prices and selection vary greatly by location so you may have to spend some time doing a price comparison with your regular grocery prices. We’ve found we got the biggest bang for our dollars by packing the box with essentials.

Introducing Prime Pantry – Everyday Essentials Delivered to You

5. Enviro-Logs

These environmentally friendly logs are made from 100% recycled waxed cardboard and burn cleaner than firewood. With 30 percent less greenhouse gases, 80 percent less carbon monoxide, and 86 percent less creosote. You can read more about Enviro-Logs. They’re available at home improvement stores.

What have you read, written, or what deals have you found this week?


*The Capri Pouch must be manually added to the cart after you have reached the $50 threshold. The discount will occur in the cart.

Images from Amazon, Dermologica, Enviro-Logs, and NPR. 

Roundup February 8th: Naptime, Shoes, and Coconut Milk

Last week after a week at Disney World we came home to snow, cold, and I immediately came down with a cold. Not just any cold it turns out, but bacterial bronchitis. I’ve spent most of the week in pajamas with my butt firmly planted to the couch when I’m not doubled over coughing up a lung. Thank goodness I work from home where pajamas at 3pm are acceptable attire. (And sorry to the delivery drivers who have witnessed my messy self this week. I’m pretty sure I look like an extra from the Walking Dead.)

It’s nothing a little rest and some medication can’t fix, but it has led to lots more reading time this week, so I have a ton of links, deals, and more to share.

Sunday Roundup

Books to Buy

Naptime with Theo and Beau
I met Jessica Shyba at my very first blog conference many, many years ago. She was lovely and sweet and so incredibly stylish. She’s one of those people you just immediately love because she has such an incredible heart.

I’ve always been a fan of her writing and photography so it was thrilling to see her work and especially her photos of her toddler and their newly adopted puppy became a viral sensation. She captured something sweet and lovely and shared it and the world fell in love with photos of Theo and Beau. This week she launched a book, Naptime with Theo and Beau, that shares their heartwarming story. A portion of every book sale goes to the SPCA where Theo was adopted.

Order now through February 28th and you will get a bookplate signed by Jessica, Beau, and even Theo! Details can be found on Jessica’s blog.

Naptime with Theo and Beau

New book from Harper Lee
This week came a huge announcement in the literary world. Harper Lee is publishing her second book. The author is known for her legendary work To Kill a Mockingbird. This second novel is a ‘prequel’ and titled Go Set a Watchman: A Novel. The release is not without controversy, though representatives for Ms. Lee claim they are unfounded. You can read more about how the second book was found and details surrounding the controversy at the NYTimes. I will still be purchasing and reading the book. July can’t come soon enough.

Reads from Around the Web

Making Friends
It’s difficult to make friends as an adult. Busy schedules, kids, spouses, work–they all mean it’s challenging to find time for friends. Whether it’s due to life changes or location I often talk to other women who are having trouble finding new friends or keeping older friendships. Most of my friends I see online-even local friends that live within a 5-15 minute drive. So when I came across this piece from my friend Marci about using a friend matchmaking service I was intrigued. The Toronto based company, Yes New Friends, helped match her with three women. Reading her stories only makes me wish the service was available where I live!

Serial News
Have you listened to the Serial podcast? Big news for the podcast’s fans. Adnan Syad has been granted an appeal! Read all about it on NPR.

Starbucks to offer coconut milk
Non-dairy drinkers, vegans, and paleo/whole food dieters rejoiced at the news that Starbucks will now offer coconut milk. People like me jumped up and down while milk drinkers shrugged at the news. While it appears it’s full of added sugar I’ll consider it a small win since I usually on Starbucks on business trips and vacation.

Living on one income tips
Whether you’re living on one income now or trying to get by on one and save the other you can never have too many tips. Some of my advice was included in this roundup of tips and advice. As a veteran one income family (we lived on one income for 12 years) I am always happy to see pieces like this.

Tipovers: what you need to know
Tipovers are a horrible, tragic, and preventable way that children are injured and killed in this country each year. Simply put it’s when an object falls on a child. It could be a television or a piece of furniture, but the outcome is the often horribly tragic. This piece on shares the stories of several area families. Please take the time to prevent these tragedies in your home by securing furniture to the walls.

Survey says: You’re teaching your kids the wrong way about money
Research shares that the best way to teach kids about money is not traditional programs or financial literacy classes, but rather real world experience. Read more at the Wall Street Journal.


Shoe Sales
Easy Spirit is known for their comfortable footwear. I’m all about comfortable shoes. When we got married I even found the perfect pair of strappy heels at our local Easy Spirit store. They were cute and comfortable–a win-win. Today is the last day to save 20% off-a great deal if you’re in the market for new shoes.

Crocs get a bad rap. They are great for the pool, gardening, creek playing, backyard rock hunting, and more. Find some great deals below.

The Economist

I’m not much a magazine person, but The Economist is a great magazine. It’s one of the few I enjoy reading, and you can get a great deal on it now.

Favorite Finds

This is a little roundup of my favorite things this week.

Badger Balm

If you have dry winter skin Badger products are amazing! We have sensitive skin so we need hydration, especially for our hands, without a lot of chemicals. Badger Balm fits the bill. They make a variety of products all of which I love!

Vitamin D and B12

Vitamin D and B12 are my BFFs in the winter. While supplements and vitamins aren’t always necessary, I have been diagnosed with deficiencies in the past for both. This is common, especially for women, so if you have an upcoming physical or need one I highly recommend you get checked. In any case the recommended course for me has been to use vitamin supplements to keep a larger deficiency at bay. You can buy vitamins online at LuckyVitamin and get free shipping on orders over $49. Find some other deals below.

The best hair dryer

I’ll tell you a great secret-sometimes high-end doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. Years ago I went on a trip with a brand and they set me up overnight at the Four Seasons. (I know!) My hair looked amazing on the trip and I totally attributed it to the awesome hair dryer. I asked them if I could buy it and they told me it was only $20! I bought it and brought it home and have used it ever since. Sadly it bit the dust (not because it dies-but because it got goo on it from a home improvement project) and I found you can buy the same one at Amazon for $20! Buy it here.

A lesson on Black History Month
My friend Amiyrah is an amazing writer (and person!) and she’s also a girl after my own heart-when she researches something she loves to share. As a homeschooling mom she decided to research a curriculum for Black History Month and generously put it together in a $5 curriculum you can buy on her site. This is great for parents who want to give their children lessons after school, for teachers, and of course for homeschooling families. Read more and buy it here. It’s designed for kids from 2nd grade and up and covers a ton of history and includes great activities as well.

What do you have to share this week?


Centsible Sunday Roundup January 18th

I have shared a weekly deal and roundup post with you most Sundays, but starting now I’m just going to call them the Sunday Roundup.

Sunday Roundup

Here’s why–I want to occasionally include things I LOVE, but that don’t fit in the deal or read category. Whether I’m loving a new pair of shoes or have a hotel you have to stay at when you travel I’ll be sharing it all each week in the Sunday roundup.

For now you’ll find three categories:

  • Centsible Deals–find great deals on anything you might need to buy. I include budget-friendly retailers like Old Navy and high-end stuff when the deals are just too good to pass up.
  • Centsible Reads (or Videos)–these are must-read or must-watch videos that will have you thinking, crying, or crying from laughter.
  • Centsible Picks–items, places, and things that I love.

Centsible Deals

ThredUP Sale coming soon…

What can you get for just 99¢? ThredUP will mark down over 50,000 like-new items starting on 1/22 for 5 days. There will be thousands of clothes and shoes from your favorite brands – including J.Crew, Banana Republic, Lands’ End, Adidas, Boden and more. I’ll be updating this with a link when it’s live!

Crazy 8 is Gymboree’s cheaper cousin. They have all kinds of adorable kids clothes at rock-bottom prices. Seriously, these are cheaper than buying used or from consignment stores. Get 30% off Crazy 8 even on sale items. That’s up to 70% off! They really are crazy.

Get an additional 30% off your entire purchase at Crazy 8!

Banana Republic is one of my favorite stores. Their clothes are affordable when they’re on sale, hold up well, and they often have more classic styles which I tend to love.

Right now you can get 40% off everything both online and in-store!

Did you know you can online and head to Banana Republic to pick up your items? It’s a huge time-saver and will allow you to check out the sale items that your local store has which may not be available online.

I’m not shopping today, but it’s taking everything in my willpower NOT to! Since I’ve lost weight I was able to go shopping in my basement instead. Boo. If I was shopping I would totally pick up this gorgeous sheath dress. Classic and so so pretty.

Banana Republic Womens Belted Charcoal Wool Sheath Size 10 - Charcoal

Banana Republic Womens Belted Charcoal Wool Sheath Charcoal

I shared this tip with readers on the Centsible Life Facebook page, but thought it was worth a mention here, too. If you get the L.L.Bean catalog they offer a $10 off $10 or more coupon on the back! You get free shipping, too! You can get something for free using the code, so be on the lookout in your mailbox.

Centsible Reads

This is sure to make you cry. An account of 9/11 from people who had to be diverted during the terror attacks. Don’t worry, it will make you cry in a good way.

This AWESOME video from the Dover, Delaware police department.

If you remember the ’90s song ‘Closing Time’ you will be blown away by what the singer has to say about the meaning behind the song. You’ll never hear it the same way again.

Andrea wrote this great post about her messy life in filtered square photos. We always see the gorgeous shots of perfectly positioned things or perfectly happy faces, but we all know behind that there is a mess of real life. I’m sure you can relate.

Another video to watch, but this one will have you questioning what you’re listening, too. Wait until the end-the payoff is great.

Centsible Picks

Live Richer Challenge–I got to know Tiffany (aka the Budgetnista) this year and I love, love, love her Live Richer Challenge. She’s helping 10,000 women learn how to budget, get out of debt, save, and so much more.

Larabars–they are my go-to wherever and whenever I travel. I love that they are free of all the stuff I can’t eat (a tall order) and come in awesome flavors. They have no gluten, dairy, added sugars, soy, etc. My favorite right now is Snickerdoodle. You can find all kinds of options on the Larabar Store on Amazon. We’re taking a family vacation next week and I plan to have them shipped right to our hotel.

I’m still madly in love with my little robot helper. I set up our Braava iRobot when I go out and come home to clean floors. You can find them online or at your local Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Do you have anything great you read/watched/bought/love this week? Share in the comments.


Best of Centsible Life in 2014

To finish out 2014 I’m sharing the most popular and my favorite content from this year. You’ll find all kinds of fun craft ideas, frugal and money-saving posts, and a few personal posts as well.

January 2014

Centsible Life Anniversary

We celebrated Aidan’s 8th birthday, Emma’s 12th birthday, and 5 years of Centsible Life! I launched a recipe page that includes all our recipes.

Most popular posts for January included:

Printable Menu Plan

2014 Meal Plan & Printables

Going Organic in 10 Steps

10 Steps to Going Organic on a Budget

Vitamix Review

A review of Vitamix

DIY Date Night Invitation

Tonya created a DIY date invite.

My favorite post of January was a list of must-stream TV shows. It was perfect for all the crazy snowy weather we had last year.

Must Stream TV

February 2014

February was a rough month. We had a huge ice storm in our area that knocked power out for 8 days. We camped out at my parent’s house for a week and had to skip a planned trip for the January birthday kids. My husband and I attended a Fresh Thoughts dinner at the National Aquarium which was an amazing experience!

I also shared a personal post as followup to my post about my depression. I went off medication I was taking due to side effects, and worked hard on combatting depression without medication. It’s wonderful when medication works, but for me it caused more issues than help and thankfully my depression is mild enough that I can manage it through diet, exercise, and self-care.

Most popular posts for February included:

Cash Rules Everything Around Me a fun little guest post from my friend Roo who blogs over at SemiProper.

12 Things you Need to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse

12 Ways to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Date Night on a Budget

Date Night on a Budget: Tips for saving on dinner & movie

Lollipop Owls for Kids

DIY St. Patrick’s Day piñata

Tonya created Lollipop Owls for Valentine’s Day gifting and Mini Shamrock Pinatas for St. Patrick’s Day.

Frugal Valentine Gifts

My favorite post from February was 10 Last-Minute Easy & Frugal Valentine Gifts.

March 2014

In March we celebrated my husband’s birthday, my daughter’s 10th birthday, I got the stomach flu which had me in bed for most of a week, and we adopted a puppy! I traveled to DisneyWorld for a conference, and Audrey got a surprise invite to come with me! We got to spend a magical few days together exploring DisneyWorld.

The most popular posts for March included:

10 Ways to Give Back without spending a dime

10 Ways to Give Back without Spending a Dime

Spanish Chicken and Rice

Spanish Chicken & Rice with Knorr

How to Teach Kids Value of Money

8 Ways to Teach your Kids to Give Back

DIY painted vase

Tonya created a simple DIY painted vase.

April 2014

April included some fun travel for my youngest, husband, and I. We traveled to California for the Disney Social Media Moms conference and took in all the sights, sounds, and fun at DisneyLand. CarsLand is the BEST. We also hit San Diego afterwards and generally enjoyed a nice break and some much needed sunshine.

The most popular posts for April included:

15 Simple Ways to Live on Less

15 Simple Ways to Live on Less

7 Ways to Live on 1 Income

7 Tips for Living on 1 Income (or less)

9 Frugal & Fun Weekend Activities for Families

9 Frugal & Fun Weekend Activities

Easter Crafts: Paper Roll Bunnies

DIY Bunny Treat Jar

Tonya created paper bunny rolls and a DIY bunny treat jar that’s just too adorable!

My favorite post from April was how NOT to go overboard on birthday parties. It is something we face 4 times a year and the pressure to go big for birthdays is huge.

May 2014

May was a busy month! I attended the Mom 2.0 conference in Atlanta. There was a freak hail storm that caused all kinds of havoc in our area and later in the year led to us replacing our roof and we may still replace our siding.

I also found out that a good friend, Amanda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. We all rallied around her to support her and help cover her medical costs. Just before Christmas she had her last chemo treatment and she is making an amazing recovery.

Amanda's Army

I also added Stephanie Anderson to the Centsible ‘staff’. She has been instrumental in helping out behind the scenes.

The most popular posts for May included:

Frugal summer fun

25 Ideas for Frugal Summer Fun

10 Steps to get out of debt

10 Steps to get out of Debt 

Grilling Tips for Fruits and veggies

How to Pick In-Season Produce & Grilling Tips

DIY Serving Tray

Tonya created a DIY serving tray that was a perfect Mother’s Day idea!

Expense audit

My favorite post from May was how to perform an expense audit. It is key to keeping us on track financially.

June 2014

June was the busiest blog month in terms of traffic this year! It was also a busy time at home with the kids wrapping up school and taking some much needed beach time after school was out. I also walked overnight in the Out of Darkness Overnight and raised over $1,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I am planning to walk this year’s Overnight in Boston as well. You can donate here.

Most of the traffic in June was due to Tonya’s popular post on how to create pretty paper boxes out of paper rolls. (Try saying that 5 times fast!)

The most popular posts for June included:

DIY Pretty Paper Roll Pillow Boxes

Pretty Paper Pillow Boxes

Jo-Lynne Shane

Family CFO: Jo-Lynne Shane

DIY Cuff: Wear your child's artwork

Tonya also created a great way to wear your child’s art with this DIY cuff.

July 2014

Just because the kids were out of school doesn’t mean we slowed down! We did a ton of day trips, pool-going, playing with the pup, and more. I also had a business trip to New York City that included meeting Jason Mraz (!) and amazing summer weather for NYC. I returned home to an early birthday celebration from the family and surprise gifts.

The most popular posts for July included:

Minecraft Bedroom

Minecraft Themed Bedroom Ideas

How to Clean Dental Appliances

Geocaching Collage

A Guide to Geocaching

Slow and steady

My favorite post from this month was also one of the most popular. I shared how we lead a financially balanced life. While it’s something that isn’t easy to articulate in a quick soundbite I think it’s an important concept. We have to balance our financial goal with living our lives to the fullest.

August 2014

August we spent about two weeks at the beach with my parents. While I loved our time there we ended up spending longer than expected due to some work being done on the house. We had new windows installed in the kids’ bedrooms which has made a huge difference in the warmth of those rooms. We have yet to finish their room projects (you try relocating tweens for weeks to work on their room!), but this was a big first step.

More importantly we finally got our very anxious dog to walk on a leash!

Most importantly the kids went back to school! That meant back to routines and made work at home life a little easier.

The most popular posts for August included:

25 Frugal Fall Activities for Families

25 Frugal Fall Activities for Families

Back to School discover giveaway

Back to School Savings Tips

7 Tips for Healthier Back to School Breakfasts

7 Tips for Healthier Back to School Breakfasts

Umbrella stand to Planter

Sewing Room Storage

Tonya created two more popular posts with a DIY umbrella stand turned planter and sewing storage ideas.

My favorite post from August was actually my un-fashion Friday post where I admitted my struggles with my weight. It helped me to admit that I was struggling and I got a ton of support. It also kickstarted me into regular walking and running and watching what I’m eating more closely. Between my husband and I we’ve lost over 50 pounds over the past several months, and we’re looking forward to an even healthier 2015.

September 2014

In September I visited New Orleans and then Atlanta for back to back conferences. It was a whirlwind, but in a great way. I learned a lot, made a ton of great connections, and spent much needed time with my online colleagues and friends. I also spent an inordinate amount of time bingeing on Gilmore Girls on Netflix when I was home.

The most popular posts for September included:

Save Money Buy iPhone

How to Upgrade your iPhone for Free or Cheap

Fall Home Maintenance CheckList

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

DIY Bangle Holder from a child's toy

Tonya created a DIY bangle holder out of a child’s toy! Her creativity is always awe inspiring.

A very happy unbirthday party

My favorite post from September was this impromptu unbirthday party we threw! It was so fun to create a party for no reason.

October 2014

In October we  had our roof replaced due to hail damage. It was a quick three days of work and our contractor was AMAZING to work with. I was so impressed with how even after a day of popping nails and throwing debris our yard and house looked immaculate by the time they left.

We introduced new email subscription options for blog readers to get the kind of posts they want delivered right to their inbox.

The most popular posts for October included:

Best Non-Candy Treats for Halloween

Non-Candy Treats for Halloween

how to make Cafe Du Monde's beignets at home

How to Make Beignets at Home

Energy Vampires

How to Get Rid of Energy Vampires (and save on electricity) 

Sparkly Hot Glue Spider Webs for Halloween

Tonya created DIY hot glue spiderwebs and they are seriously cute!

My favorite post from October was about the choices our 16 (now 17!) year old faces as he heads into adulthood. Piloting to adulthood is hard and the options and choices our kids face don’t always fit the ‘one size fits all’ approach most people have to raising teens.

November 2014

November seems like yesterday! I traveled to Asheville for a small group summit and had an AMAZING time. I couldn’t get enough of the food in Asheville. It’s amazing. I also took the girls to NYC for the day. Julie and I co-hosted an event at our local Barnes & Noble which was both fun and funny since we both spent many, many, many hours at the bookstore with our kids. I should probably own stock in the store for how much we’ve spent on books!

The most popular posts for November included:

STEM Gift Ideas for Kids

STEM Gift Ideas

Julie started writing for the blog occasionally, and her first post ended up being one of the more popular on the blog this month!

sulfate free shampoo

Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos

10 Tips for Healthy Holidays with GIANT

10 Tips for Healthier Holidays

Scarecrow treat jars using leftover Halloween candy

Tonya created scarecrow treat jars using leftover candy from Halloween.

My favorite post from November was what to wear when it’s cold. It’s been my uniform this winter!

December 2014

December is nearly over and with it one of the most fulfilling months of the year. I started a collaboration with Popmoney, we had an amazing holiday, and I managed to balance self + work + family pretty well. This is usually the month that’s the hardest on me mentally and I’m not feeling that at all this month!

The most popular posts for December included:

Leesa mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review

Gifts that Give Back

Gifts that Give Back

Gift experiences for the holidays

Experience Gift Ideas

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Last-Minute Gift Ideas including a recipe for Nutella

gifts to inspire creativity in kids for under $20

Gifts to Inspire Creativity for under $20

reindeer lollipops

Tonya created reindeer lollipops! Great for gifting.

There was plenty of other content to read and see in 2014 and we also had a ton of people who visited the homepage and older posts, too. All in all it’s been an amazing year and I’m looking forward to writing more in 2015.

Thank you for reading in 2014, and here’s to a great 2015!


Work at Home Gift Guide

While the kids are making their lists I started to think about what was on my list. While I don’t really need anything, I have some wants, and I realized there may be some other readers out there who are shopping for someone who works from home or is a freelancer this holiday season.

Freelance workers, work at home position, social media, and consulting are becoming more and more common in the digital age. If you’re shopping for someone on your list who works from home here are some ideas that are top on my list.

Note that it’s a little Mac heavy, what can I say I’m a fangirl! 

Work at Home Gift Guide

12 Gift Ideas for People who Work at Home

1. Smart Phone 

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 unlocked

While we may not love being connected all the time, it’s often part of the job. Why not get them the ultimate gift? Smartphones are great for checking email on the go, social media on the go, taking calls in the carpool line, and working wherever you have to be.

Cost: Free-$800 depending on your phone plan and whether you’re buying an unlocked phone.

2. Laptop

MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Of course this is on the list! It’s not in everyone’s budget but a laptop will allow a freelancer to work from anywhere at anytime!

Cost: Laptops vary greatly, but look for one that has what your freelancer needs. MacBook Airs start around $900, but you could spend more or less depending on their needs.

3. Magic Mouse or a Wireless Keyboard:

Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Freedom to work without cords!

Cost: $70-$80

4. Domain Name(s)

Domain name

If the freelancer on your list doesn’t have a domain name buy it for them! It’s an affordable way to show them you support their endeavors. Creating a professional site for a freelancer is helpful to showcase their talents and help them find additional clients.

Cost: $5-$10 for a domain name, $30-$100/hour for design work.

5. Computer software
Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

This could include:

  • A copy of accounting software to keep track of their expenses and income, and make tax time a breeze.
  • Photoshop if they edit photos or need to have images for their work.


6. Camera

Canon DSLR

Canon EOS Rebel

While that point and shoot is ok, a DSLR would be a welcome addition for anyone who uses photos. No need to go crazy with a $1,500 camera and lenses, and a bag, and so many additions. Start with a good beginner camera like the Canon EOS.

Cost: Starts at approx. $500.

7. Pajamas

Paul Frank footie pajamas
Paul Frank footie pajamas

Since we love to work in our pjs pick up some super comfy pajamas, a luxe robe, or a warm pair of slippers to encourage people who work at home to be comfy while they work.

Cost: $20 or more

8. Personal WiFi Device

WiFi hotspot device

(AT&T) WiFi Hotspot with no contract

Give them the gift of WiFi wherever they go. You can either it to your current cell phone plan or purchase a separate device that allows you to connect multiple devices where WiFi is not available. Look for a device from a service that works best in your area. Consider a Pay-As-You-Go plan or a monthly prepaid fee.

Cost: Devices run from already owned-$100 while service plans run from free (on some family plans) to $40/month.

9. PicMonkey Membership

This site allows you to edit and add overlays to photos, watermark pictures, and so much more. It’s great for anyone who works in social media or uses visual in their work but doesn’t need the hefty tools in Photoshop.

Cost: $33 for the year

10. Professional help

This could include some of the following services with costs ranging from $40-$100s :

  • Business Cards
  • Membership to a Professional Organization
  • Session with a Mentor

Cost: Varies

11. Conference tickets

Want to support your them in a big way? Give them the gift of a conference ticket where they can learn more about their field, and network. For bloggers I highly recommend Type-A Parent conferences and bootcamps. Read more about Type-A’s offerings here.

Cost: $100-$2,000 for ticket, travel expenses, and hotel.

12. Gift Cards

When you work at home you typically get wrapped up in what they are doing, so gift cards for coffee (so they can power through deadlines), gift cards for food (we sometimes forget to eat), or even coupons for time off to go work in peace and quiet at the bookstore are welcome gifts.

Cost: $5-$100

Bonus Gift!

I think this applies to parents especially. ;) Sometimes we stay up late working so we can squeeze in an afternoon at school, or we’ve had a busy week meeting a deadline. Offering to let a freelancer sleep in is just a great way to support them!

Cost: FREE!

Do you have a work at home folks on your gift list? What are you planning on purchasing for them? If you work from home what are you asking for for the holidays?

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Over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing holiday gift picks on a budget. You’ll find everything you need for a centsible holiday. Start with our Ultimate Holiday Planning Guide and explore our Holiday Gift Guide posts for tons of ideas for everyone on your list.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Sunday Reads & Deals November 23rd

It’s the week of Thanksgiving so there are tons of deals to be found! Look for a few midweek deal posts for Black Friday as well as tons of great gift ideas coming your way this week!

If you haven’t already signed up for the Centsible Life email list, you’ll want to this month! I’m giving away two $50 gift cards to help you with your holidays. One in November, and one in December! I send emails to this list about once a month, so don’t worry I won’t be clogging up your inbox. Sign up here.

There’s a LOT of good stuff to read as well, but I picked a few pieces that are timely and thoughtful, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and read on.

Sunday Reads and Deals Centsible Life

Sunday Deals

$5 2-day shipping at Tea Collection

Tea Collection is offering $5 2-day shipping for holiday outfits. If you haven’t purchased holiday outfits yet the clock is ticking and this is a great way to get them in time for all your holiday events and celebrations.

Tea Collection Holiday Outfit for Boys Tea Collection Holiday Girls

Shop holiday styles at Tea Collection and get $5 2-day shipping with code 2DAY

Kohl’s FREE shipping

Kohl’s carries some great lines and lots of things that will be great for gifts! You can also find all kinds of holiday decor. Kohl’s is offering up free shipping online. No code needed! Click here to get free shipping on $50 orders. No code needed! Offer ends 11/28. Exclusive Discount for Centisble Life readers discount

Have you heard of It’s a great way to find a local pet sitter in your area. What’s better your pet isn’t just staying overnight, but your little furry friend has access to veterinary care, pet insurance, and more with Rover.

Use CentsibleLifeVIP25 at for $25 off a new customer’s first booking on Expires 12/31/14.*

Nespresso Sale
Nespresso is having an awesome sale now. If you’re in the market for a new coffee maker this is similar to other one cup products but the coffee and espresso it produces are far superior! I tried this out at my friend Kelby’s office recently and was smitten. We’ve been looking for ‘the one’ since our espresso and coffee maker died, and this one may be it! We placed our order on Amazon using Prime so it will be here before Thanksgiving! If you’re not a Prime member you can get a 30 day free trial for all your holiday needs.

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker

Sunday Reads

Gift Ideas for Teachers

Do you ever wonder what to gift your child’s teachers? Julie shares some great gifting ideas for teachers every year and this is a great gift guide! 6 easy gifts for teachers from

Why You shouldn’t Give Gift Cards

The Consumerist shares some reasons you may not want give gift cards this holiday season. Tops on my list is because of how much goes unspent each year-BILLIONS! Read more at The Consumerist.

Change starts with You (and Me)

Amy from shared a post about race that is an important read, “something has to change and it must start here–with you and with me.” Not only is it important to read this, but she gives some practical advice on how you can help change things in your community.

Power of Saying No

There is power in the word ‘no’ that we need to learn to keep our lives and schedules manageable. Kelby from Type-A Parent shares a guide to knowing when to say no. While it’s geared to bloggers anyone can use this advice.

Perks of Getting Married Young

My husband and I met when we were teenagers and while we didn’t rush marriage we were still married young compared to most of the people we know. At 24 we were married and bought a house the next year. While it doesn’t work for everyone it has worked really well for us, and there are some definite benefits. Here’s a piece on the perks of getting married young.

The Best Bathrooms in America

This one is a little weird-okay maybe a lot. I have a thing about restrooms. I like to see what they’re like wherever we go and with 4 kids it’s likely I will since someone always has to go to the restroom. These restrooms at Longwood Gardens are AMAZING. Seriously. Click the link, you’ll see what I mean.

Stay Focused

I had to end on this. This is pretty much how I feel when the kids are around. They’ve interrupted me 100 times this morning.

*In order to be eligible for this promotion, the transaction must be booked through Applies to new customers only. The $25 coupon value will be applied to your Rover account once redeemed. Limit one per customer. will charge no processing fee. Void where prohibited. Your stay is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

What did you read or write this week?


Sunday Deals & Reads November 2nd

It’s November already and it’s time to share this week’s deals and reads with you. Grab a cup of coffee, a pen and paper, and get clicking. :)

Sunday Reads and Deals Centsible Life

Sunday Deals

LOTS of deals on clothing at this time of year. It’s a great time to stock up on winter essentials, holiday outfits, and lot and lots of warm socks. (my feet are ALWAYS cold this time of year)

Crazy 8 Sale

Crazy 8 offers cute kids clothes at affordable prices. You can score great deals including sale prices that are already 30-60% off and they’re offering 18% off this weekend on your entire purchase. Crazy 8 Boys Crazy 8 Girls

This weekend only, get 18% off your entire purchase with code FALLBACK at Crazy 8!

Tea Collection

Explore a world of holiday traditions with Tea’s latest holiday collection. They make high quality kids clothes that are globally inspired.

I love this dress (Elfengarten Sateen Sash Dress) for the holidays. It’s very holiday without being cheesy, and looks cute AND comfy. Paired with tights and ballet flats this would be an adorable holiday look for a girl of any age.

Tea Collection Holiday Girls

How cute is this vest (Schüler Herringbone Vest)? Paired with a button down, corduroy pants, and a hat? Pretty much the cutest thing ever!Tea Collection Holiday Outfit for Boys

Banana Republic Sale

Get 30% off everything through the end of today. Banana Republic has long been a favorite of mine for classic clothes and when paired with their sale prices they become affordable.


Banana Republic Sale


Gap Sale

Gap is offering up 30% off as well. You can find great warm weather fashion, and their winter accessories (scarves, hats, gloves) make great gifts.

Gap Sale

Old Navy Sale

Old Navy is my go to for basics for our growing kids. The clothes aren’t super high quality, but they are affordable and offer up great sales which make stocking up on pants or basic tees easy to do. Especially with a 25% off sale!

Old Navy Sale

Piperlime Sale

Piperlime is offering up 25% off, too.

Piperlime Sale

Sunday Reads

Low Balance Gift Cards

Do you have low balance gift cards from credit card companies? Millions of dollars are lost each year by not using up gift cards (or not using them at all!). Amiryah shares her tips for using up those balances.

Read more at 4 Hats Frugal.

An enlightening read on what the (shrinking) middle class can no longer afford. Health care. Vacations. New cars. It’s all too pricery for the shrinking middle class.

Read more at Detroit Free Press.

 The Hell of School Dropoff

The hell and irony of school dropoff. I am forever grateful that my kids can take the bus/walk to school so I don’t have to deal with this nonsense.

All rules and regulations taught to people 15 years ago in driver’s education are out. People stop whenever the mood strikes. They jack the emergency brake up and take care of business. And this business involves trying to get children to follow directions, which could take anywhere from four seconds (a Christmas miracle) to four minutes, in which amount of time they have managed to completely infuriate everyone behind them to the point of considering getting out and strongly suggesting a meeting at the bike racks to resolve this dispute like two mature adults.

Read more at KTAR.  

Feature of Editorial Assistant, Stephanie Anderson, and her chic style

I’m going to go all braggy on Stephanie for a minute. She’s helps keep the blog schedule going and is a huge asset behind the scenes. She was featured in Main Line Today for her chic and casual style. She’s the whole package–smart and chic!

Read more at Main Line Today.

Bonus for Bloggers:

Type-A Parent founder Kelby Carr started a New Media Association for online professionals. I’m thrilled to share that I’m a founding member! You can read more about the association and join here.

New Media Professional Association brought to you by Type-A Parent

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!


Sunday Reads & Deals: October 19th

It’s time again for a weekly roundup of smart and fascinating things I found online and some great deals that aren’t to be missed. This week includes some heavier reads and some fun Halloween deals.

Sunday Reads and Deals Centsible Life

Sunday Reads

Stop Babyproofing Childhood

Jeff is a friend and an amazing writer who happens to write some of the best parenting pieces on the internet. For real. I couldn’t agree more with his piece on the babyproofing of childhood.

Could you imagine getting to adulthood without the privilege of making mistakes while the errors were minor and fixable, before the consequences became dire? That is what we are doing to our children now. Too many kids are not having to make choices — just play ALL the sports and go to ALL the events, even if they overlap! — and too many kids are not being allowed to make mistakes in their youth, the exact period of time when mistake making SHOULD occur.

Read more at Out with the Kids.

What Dying People Really Regret

It’s common knowledge that we don’t pine away for more work hours, and most people wish they had spent more time with their families, but this piece from CNN delves into a new place.

There are many regrets and unfulfilled wishes that patients have shared with me in the months before they die. But the stories about the time they waste hating their bodies, abusing it or letting it be abused — the years people spend not appreciating their body until they are close to leaving it — are some of the saddest.

Read more at CNN.

Stop Using Public WiFi (or at least exercise more caution)

This piece from Medium shares why public WiFi is such a major hazard. For tips on how to stay safe on public WiFi read this piece from CNet, but also exercise extreme caution.

We took a hacker to a café and, in 20 minutes, he knew where everyone else was born, what schools they attended, and the last five things they googled. 

Read more at Medium and CNet.

Do you suffer from Delusional Parent Disorder?

Another tough read for parents. Of course we all think our kids are the best, smartest, and most talented, but Keith, who is a dad of 4 and a basketball coach, says you may be suffering from ‘Delusional Parenting Disorder’ when it comes to your kids and their athletic abilities. He warns this can cause problems for kids.

Definition of Delusional Parent Disorder:  Parents who have false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions about their children even when confronted with facts: “Watching John yell at his son after the game makes me think he suffers from Delusional Parent Disorder.”

 Read more at Layups and Rebounds.

Sunday Deals

DoubleTree Deals for Halloween

DoubleTree by Hilton, known for its iconic warm chocolate chip cookies, is also celebrating the holiday with Halloween-themed packages and fun family activities at properties including:

The Curtis – a DoubleTree by Hilton (1405 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202)

Welcome to the Curtis - a Doubletree hotel!

This downtown Denver hotel is known to embrace the Halloween spirit with its annual “Nightmare on Curtis Street” celebration and this year’s theme honors the horror movie, “The Purge.” The hotel will transform its 13th floor on October 31 from 5-7 p.m. into a haunted hallway with obstacles, a Happy Hour with Cannibal Cocktails and spooky surprises throughout the evening! For thrill seekers wanting to spend the night on the horror movie floor, The Purge package includes masks, inflatable, toy weapons for protection, a Purge appropriate in-room amenity and brunch for two in The Corner Office. That is…if you make it to brunch!

DoubleTree by Hilton Savannah Historic District (411 Best Way Street, Savannah, GA 31401)

Hotel Exterior

From spooky ghost tours to a hot Southern breakfast, this Savannah hotel will offer the ultimate Halloween experience in one of the most haunted cities in the nation with its “Spook, Slumber and Save” package. Available until October 31, enjoy a family-friendly fall getaway and explore the haunting legends of this historic city.

Pottery Barn Deals

Holman and Crowne collection shelves are on sale for 30% off.

I’m a big fan of the brass shelves. They would make a great mini bar or display shelves for a collection of prized treasures.

Brass Shelves Pottery Barn

The cubby organizer is perfect for an entryway or even a child’s room. While the display shows all kinds of little goodies that look great in photos, we’d probably fill it with rocks, sells, and other materials the kids collect.

cubby organizer pottery barn

I would LOVE something like this if we had a good space for it in our home. It’s ideal for staying organized as a family. Our system is much simpler and not as organized as this one. I mean you can charge on it, too!

Wall organization Pottery Barn

Click here to get 30% off select shelves.

Halloween Deals-gets 40% off!

I love these faux crows. They’re so spooky!

Pottery Barn faux crows

Flameless candles are my favorite. They give the spooky shadows you need on a dark evening, but you don’t have to worry about them burning out or getting wax everywhere. The spiders are a nice touch.
Pottery Barn flameless candles

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead so I love this serving bowl. If it didn’t seem creepy I’d probably use it year-round!
Walking Dead serving bowl Pottery Barn

Click here to get up to 40% off all Halloween + Free Shipping

Home Depot Deals

Are you in the market for new appliances? You can get 10% off at Home Depot right now.

Click here: 10% OFF Appliances $396 or More.

LED bulbs offer big savings, so stock up during Home Depot’s 30% off sale.

Click here to save up to 30% on LED Light Bulbs.

What interesting posts have you read this week? Have you found any great deals? Share with me in the comments.