Easter Crafts: Paper Roll Bunnies

Easter Crafts: Paper Roll Bunnies

If you are looking for a last-minute Easter craft to keep little fingers busy this weekend, especially if you are entertaining, then these paper roll bunnies are perfect. Older children will be able to cut out all of the parts for these bunnies on their own, but for little ones, pre-cut all of the parts […]

Easter Crafts: DIY Bunny Treat Jar

DIY Bunny Treat Jar

So, you have bags of little eggs and candy for Easter. Now what? How about popping them into a homemade bunny treat jar. This Easter craft makes everything better  with it’s in cute packaging. These bunny jars are simple enough that kids can make them, too! What you need: Jars – canning or thoroughly cleaned […]

A Simple DIY Painted Vase

DIY painted vase

Nothing says Spring like fresh flowers and spring cleaning. I’ve begun making the donation runs and re-organizing household items. In one cabinet alone I discovered I have 36 vases. That’s just craziness. Not only is there no way that I’m ever going to use that many vases at the one time, but quite a few […]

Mini Shamrock Pinatas for St. Patrick’s Day

DIY St. Patrick’s Day piñata

Make these mini shamrock piñatas for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. What you need: Cardboard – I used the packaging from a craft kit Crepe paper String or ribbon Glue, scissors, X-ACTO knife, tape Filling for the piñata – you could fill with small toys, confetti or candies, I chose gold chocolate coins. Begin by […]

Lollipop Owls for Kids

Lollipop Owls for Kids

Valentine’s Day is upon us all of the sudden it seems. I’m not sure how it came about quite so quickly. I’m sure the last time I looked at a calendar it was still January. And yet, now I have just a couple of days to whip up Valentine’s for two of my three children […]