Gwynnie Bee #FashionFriday

How Gwynnie Bee Works

As I mentioned last week I’m going through a bit of a weighty issue. I’m heavier than I’ve ever been (though as of this post I’m down about 7 pounds-WOOT!). It’s making clothing choices difficult-especially when I know I have a full wardrobe that’s only a size or two down from where I am now. […]

Un-Fashion Friday

If you’ve noticed a lack of Fashion Friday posts on the blog in the last several weeks I have a few good reasons. I could chalk it up to summertime, work that’s being done on the house, and an overly full inbox and monster to do list. But the real reason lies in how I’ve […]

Shop Quality and Save with Convertible Jewelry #FashionFriday

medina-convertible-summer14 (1)

As a mom, I’m all about multitasking, so I’m perfectly pleased when I find fun products (like jewelry) that I can wear multiple ways. Multitasking jewelry, in the form of Convertible Costume Jewelry, offers you more looks in one piece and, huge bonus, you only pay for it once. Coupon Code alert! Use code SUMMER25 […]

Father’s Day Gifts for the Stylish Dad #FashionFriday

Father's Day Gifts

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend I’m taking a detour from my usual Fashion Friday posts and sharing some gift ideas for the stylish Dad. Or maybe the Dad you wish was a bit more stylish. It seems more and more men are learning the benefit of a few good products for their hair […]

Affordable Accessories under $50 #FashionFriday


I haven’t been shopping much lately. Clothing shopping, that is. I find that in summer I recycle a lot of my old t-shirts and cute tanks. I may buy a pair or two of shorts or a new little skirt, but, for the most part, summer is about recycled comfort. Yet, every day, I manage […]