When water won’t do: Best Healthy Drinks

Best Healthy Drinks

While many people break their New Year’s resolutions it’s not too late to make a recommitment to your health and wellbeing in 2015. One of the simplest changes you can make is to change your drinking habits. Not that kind of drinking, but the everyday drinks you consume each day. Changing that habit is a small […]

25 tips to slash your restaurant spending in half

25 ways to slash restaurant spending

Most people still eat in restaurants on a weekly basis. While I love a good meal out at a nice restaurant it’s often budget busting. Busy lifestyles, dual income families, and our car dependent lifestyle have made dining out way of life for many people. We all know restaurant food isn’t great for our waistline, but […]

Monday Menu Plan: Week One January 12th

January Week One

It’s Monday which means it’s time for our Monday menu plan. This menu is our menu for the week and hopefully will help you find some inspiration to create your own menu this week. As I shared last week we have an easy system we set up to create a year long meal plan. Simple doesn’t always […]

5 Easy Steps to Make a Year Long Menu Plan

create a year long menu plan in 5 easy steps

Even though we’re already a few days into the new year it’s not too late to create your own year long menu plan, and really you can start this at anytime that makes sense for your family. 1. Identify the family favorite recipes and menus you use often. Make a list of meals that you […]

2015 Menu Plan: Save $1,000s with Menu Planning

2015 Menu Plan

What if I told you I have a simple way you can save thousands of dollars every year? What if I told you it only took a few hours of planning? Menu plans save you big money. Cooking and eating at home can save you thousands of dollars every year. THOUSANDS. With my menu plan for […]

Win free coffee for a year with McCafé Mug Pix {sponsored}

But first, coffee.

Coffee. A cup of joe. Mud. Brew. Java. Ink. Whatever you call it it’s a beverage many of us use to start our morning. Before my morning cup of coffee I’m entirely useless. I don’t wake up until I have a great cup of coffee-preferably without being disturbed. We have a collection of mugs at […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas from #YahooDIY & DIY Nutella Recipe {sponsored}

DIY Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

There’s always a need for a last-minute gift at the holidays. You might find yourself needing a last-minute gift when you receive an unexpected invite, see someone you forgot to add to your list, or a friend or neighbor unexpectedly gifts you something. Even after the actual holidays are through you aren’t immune to the unexpected […]

Monday Meal Plan: What to Eat the Week of Christmas

what to eat the week of christmas

This week is Christmas, a holiday our family looks forward to all year-long. It means we have a family feast planned, but not much by way of a regular menu. You may be in similar shoes, or you may be traveling for the holidays which makes meal planning an even bigger challenge. To keep up with […]

A very merry GIANT holiday {sponsored}

Holiday Dessert Recipes

One of the best parts of the holidays is the food! While we love to cook and bake all year-long we find cooking and baking at the holidays is so special! We have our own family traditions including baking lots of cookies, a big breakfast of cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and a hearty meal […]

Monday Meal Plan: December 8th

2012 Printable Menu Plan

Guys. It’s only a bit more than two weeks until Christmas AND today is my oldest’s birthday. There’s a lot of to dos on my plate between work, home, and holidays. Meal planning will take some of the stress off though! My husband has been working hard to eat healthier which I’m incredibly grateful for because […]