Gluten Free Bar {Review + Giveaway}

Gluten Free Bars

I’ve been gluten-free for several years now. It’s something that started as a result of some health issues I was having (exhaustion, foggy brain, etc.). We couldn’t find anything that caused the issues I was experiencing. Having been down that road as a teen (with chronic fatigue syndrome) I knew the drill. We did lots […]

April 21st Meal Plan

365 Day Meal Plan

I’m finally back to regular meal planning (sort of) post-conference and post-vacation. After we returned from our trip last week we had leftovers one night and the next day I got whammed with the stomach flu again. So this week’s meals will be very bland-and truth be told I may stick to my current diet […]

ACME Markets $250 Giveaway #IHeartACME {sponsored giveaway}

ACME $250 gift card

When I think of ACME I think of amazing produce, great customer service, and an amazing selection. They always wow me! The staff is always able to answer questions, recommend cuts of meat or help us find something we need. I know I heart ACME, but I would love to know why you heart ACME! […]

April 7th Meal Plan

Meal planning has been sparse around these parts the last few weeks (illness including a stomach flu), new puppy craziness, and lots of travel have made for less than perfect meal planning. By now though I’ve learned to shrug it off and get back to it. It’s not a failure, it’s just life. I ate […]

ACME Markets giving away FREE groceries for a year! #IHeartACME {sponsored}

ACME free groceries for one year

ACME is one of my local market that offers up a great variety of products including their own ACME brands that will save you big bucks each week. They are sticklers for freshness and I find they have the best quality fresh produce in our area. The store was founded over 120 years ago as […]