10 Tips For Going Gluten-Free Plus Printable Shopping List {sponsored}

10 Tips For Going Gluten Free

Gluten is the new black. At least according to recent estimates say that gluten allergies and gluten avoidance are on the rise with millions of people eating less or no gluten. Over 3 million people have Celiac Disease while many other suffer from allergies to gluten or wheat or have varying degrees of intolerance. Some […]

May Meal Plan: Week 4

May Meal Plan week four

This week I’m back to cooking. My husband is ‘off’ for the week. Rude. šŸ˜‰ I’m actually looking forward to it, but don’t tell him that! Ready to start meal planning, but donā€™t know where to start? You can read theĀ 5 easy steps we use to create our meal planĀ and then download theĀ printable 2015 Menu […]

May Meal Plan: Week Two

May Meal Plan week two

We have a busy week ahead. I mean, when do we not, but this week seems extra busy. We’ve got practices, and meetings, and appointments on the plan along with a practice 5k run for the two younger kids. Additionally we’re working on our backyard at every chance we can, so having a meal plan […]

Stop Food Waste, Save Money

Stop food waste, save money ways to stop food waste

Do you know how much food you waste each week? Each month? Every year? Estimates vary, but the facts remain the same. We’re wasting anywhere from 30-50% of the food we buy, approximately 25% of that is right at home. That’s worth $1,650,000,000Ā every year. Yes, that’s billions with a ‘b’. This short video explains it […]

May Meal Plan: Week One

May Meal Plan week one

We are in for some glorious weather this week in the Philadelphia area…finally! That means lots of time will be spent in our backyard working on growing grass, weeding, and hopefully planting a vegetable garden next weekend! Our trip to Florida was quick and packed, but also lovely. the weather was gorgeous, I got to […]

Introduce Your Family To The World From Your Kitchen {sponsored}

World Menu Chicken Rolls

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller in many ways. The economy is global. Our digital connections mean we can be connected to people all over the world in seconds. Helping my kids learn this isn’t always easy though. After all, I didn’t grow up with the same digital connections at my fingertips. But there […]

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Recipe #Pyrex100 {sponsored}

Cacao Banana Raw Vegan Pie

I have a love of old school kitchen equipment. Iron skillets, glass bakeware and storage containers, and not a microwave in sight. While I also profess my love for more modern kitchen appliances like refrigerators, there’s something about cooking and baking in old school traditions that makesĀ sense to me. When PyrexĀ®, a World Kitchen brand, […]