Better Baking & Easier Dieting With Fraser Scale {sponsored}

Fraser Scale

One of the most essential and overlooked tools you can have for your kitchen is a kitchen scale. It can be used for a variety of reasons such as precise measuring for baking, measuring ingredients for cooking, or to monitor your portion size when you’re aiming to eat healthier. We have a scale, but I […]

March Meal Plan: Week Four

March Meal Plan week four

Last week I started coaching my son’s STRIDE program twice a week, so meal planning has become even more of a joint effort. STRIDE is a program that encourages character development in young boys (grades 3-5 in our case) through running and a program that involves weekly lessons, games, and more. If you are familiar […]

Fit Snack Review: Healthy snacks delivered to your door


I am always on the hunt for healthy snack ideas, especially when I travel. Finding healthy snacks beyond an apple or a bag of nuts can be a challenge though. Not only are most healthy snack foods expensive, but let’s be honest–a lot of them taste horrible. There’s nothing worse than paying $5 for something […]

March Meal Plan: Week Two

March Meal Plan week two

Thank goodness it’s starting to warm up outside! I’m so looking forward to all the snow melting! We have a birthday this week, so I’m still waiting on the birthday girl to tell us what she wants for her special meal. Monday: Brinner Pancakes, sausage, and fruit smoothies. Tuesday: Taco Night Taco night is always a favorite. I’ll […]

March Meal Plan: Week One

March Meal Plan week one

Can you believe it’s March already? I can hardly believe it especially with yesterday’s snow/ice storm. Looks like we’re still in for more winter weather this week, too. I guess that groundhog did tell the truth this year! Monday: Stuffed Hamburgers & Bacon Onion Rings Hamburgers stuffed with BBQ sauce and onions and bacon wrapped onion […]

February Week Three Meal Plan

February Meal Plan Week Three

It’s been so cold, snowy, windy, and icy here this week and if I could hibernate I would! Unfortunately, I don’t think I can manage that with our schedules and meals to shop for, cook, and eat. Thankfully, it’s an easy process with our meal plan in place. Monday: Brinner Pancakes and fruit smoothies are on […]