A very merry GIANT holiday {sponsored}

Holiday Dessert Recipes

One of the best parts of the holidays is the food! While we love to cook and bake all year-long we find cooking and baking at the holidays is so special! We have our own family traditions including baking lots of cookies, a big breakfast of cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and a hearty meal […]

Monday Meal Plan: December 8th

2012 Printable Menu Plan

Guys. It’s only a bit more than two weeks until Christmas AND today is my oldest’s birthday. There’s a lot of to dos on my plate between work, home, and holidays. Meal planning will take some of the stress off though! My husband has been working hard to eat healthier which I’m incredibly grateful for because […]

Holiday Breakfast Basket from the Supermarket #GiveBakery {Giveaway}

Give Bakery Because Logo

The holiday season is such a busy time of year. It’s a great kind of busy, of course. Occasionally though we may get overwhelmed or stressed about what to give someone during the holiday season. Whether it’s your child’s teachers, your neighbor that always gets your mail when you’re out of town, or a lovely […]

10 Tips for Healthy Holidays from GIANT{sponsored}

10 Tips for Healthy Holidays with GIANT

The holiday season is here! With the holidays come holiday feasts, parties, and gatherings with friends and family all of which involve rich foods and sweet treats galore. I’m sure I’ll indulge a bit, but after sharing about my weight struggle I’ve working hard to lose weight, get healthy, and eat clean. That work has been paying […]

Monday Meal Plan: What to Eat the Week of Thanksgiving

What to Eat the Week of Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week so meal planning is a little different from most weeks. It means we have a family feast planned but not much by way of a regular menu. You may be traveling for the holidays which makes meal planning an even bigger challenge. To keep from overdoing it this week, and spending too much on […]

Monday Meal Plan: November 17th

2012 Printable Menu Plan

It’s sooo cold and yucky all of a sudden. It’s definitely time for coffee, tea, soup, and basically anything that will keep us warm! I’m hoping to share a few new soup recipes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Download the printable menu plan for 2014 to get started meal planning to help you save […]

Monday Meal Plan: November 10th

2012 Printable Menu Plan

You may have noticed via my absence on the blog this weekend and noticed some photos from my social media accounts. I spent the weekend in North Carolina for a business event that involved some good friends and great sightseeing, too. I’ll share more about that soon. Today I’m back at the laptop and life […]

GIANT Offers Nutritionists In Store {sponsored}

GIANT Food Stores

Have you ever wondered how you can create healthier and better balanced meals? Do you have questions about cutting out dairy or gluten after a food allergy diagnosis? Are you struggling to find the right foods to eat while living with high blood pressure or managing diabetes? A nutritionist can help answer your questions and […]

Monday Meal Plan: November 3rd

2012 Printable Menu Plan

Can you believe it’s November already? I can’t. Between gatherings, cleaning, and shopping that accompanies the holidays saving dough is a priority. Meal planning helps us save dough all year, but it’s especially important now. Download the printable menu plan for 2014 to get started meal planning to help you save thousands, and you can view all my […]

Monday Meal Plan: October 27th

2012 Printable Menu Plan

After a rather dreary week last week I’m looking forward to the sunny Fall weather this week, so I thought it was time to make a very Fall menu. Thankfully the kids’ activities are gearing down for a bit, so we have some more time each evening to just hang out together. Download the printable […]