Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Recipe #Pyrex100 {sponsored}

Cacao Banana Raw Vegan Pie

I have a love of old school kitchen equipment. Iron skillets, glass bakeware and storage containers, and not a microwave in sight. While I also profess my love for more modern kitchen appliances like refrigerators, there’s something about cooking and baking in old school traditions that makes sense to me. When Pyrex®, a World Kitchen brand, […]

April Menu Plan: Week Four with GIANT {sponsored}

April Meal Plan week four

Spring is finally here and with it lots of time spent outdoors. Our menus in the spring focus on buying fresh and local produce and making quick meals so we can spend more time outside soaking up the sun and warm weather. I’ve included menu items that will allow you to grill outside or slow cook […]

#MakeitMango Mango Recipes & Cooking with Kids {sponsored}

Mango recipe and tips for cooking with kids

Mango is one of our family’s favorite fruits. Available year-round in the produce aisle and in the freezer we use it regularly throughout the year for smoothies, fruit salads, and a simple snack. We were invited to a cooking with kids class to learn more about cooking with mango, but due to our after-school activities […]

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch in 5 Easy Steps {sponsored}

5 Easy Steps to a healthier lunch

Packing lunches becomes the bane of any parent’s existence a few months into the school year. Now with only a few months left in the school year, but you still can’t get of easy. There are summer outings, picnics, and summer camps coming up soon. I thought it would be a great time to tackle […]

Better Baking & Easier Dieting With Fraser Scale {sponsored}

Fraser Scale

One of the most essential and overlooked tools you can have for your kitchen is a kitchen scale. It can be used for a variety of reasons such as precise measuring for baking, measuring ingredients for cooking, or to monitor your portion size when you’re aiming to eat healthier. We have a scale, but I […]

March Meal Plan: Week Four

March Meal Plan week four

Last week I started coaching my son’s STRIDE program twice a week, so meal planning has become even more of a joint effort. STRIDE is a program that encourages character development in young boys (grades 3-5 in our case) through running and a program that involves weekly lessons, games, and more. If you are familiar […]