Embracing the mess while I can

Messes kids make

I know it’s slightly ironic to talking about embracing the mess after I just shared how I’m getting rid of clutter, but it’s a little of both. We need to learn to live with less AND embrace the messes our kids (and we) make. “GUYS! Come clean up the table!” “Honey, you need to clean […]

YouTube Kids App Review

YouTube Kids App

YouTube is the video sharing website on the world wide web. It’s such a huge network that when you search Google for any given topic you’re sure to find videos in the results. The great thing about YouTube is that anyone can upload content to the platform. The bad thing about YouTube when it comes to […]

Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World Review

Art of Animation Resort Review

The Art of Animation Resort (also known as AoA) in Walt Disney World is a unique property at Disney. I got to see a sneak peek of the hotel in 2012 prior to its’ opening and was amazed I always am at Disney World by the level of detail. You can read my thoughts on […]

11 Tips for Teaching Kids About Money from Discover {sponsored}

11 tips to teach kids about money

Teaching kids to be responsible with money and teaching them how to be fiscally responsible is a huge challenge. From the moment they are able to ask for things there are opportunities to teach kids about how to manage their money. It doesn’t matter if they’re 3 or 13 there’s always more to discuss. As […]

25 Cheap Family Activities for President’s Day Weekend

free or cheap activities for president's day

President’s Day is on Monday and with it comes a brief reprieve from schedules and schoolwork. Most kids have a long weekend this weekend and our kids are no exception. In addition to having Monday off they also have off Friday and a short day on Thursday. It means we have a long stretch of time […]

7 Non-Candy Valentines

7 non-candy valentines for kids

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and with it comes adorable valentines that kids from preschool through elementary school will take to school. In many school districts candy valentines are not allowed, or like me you may prefer your kids not get loaded up on sugary treats. So I found some ideas (including the ones my kids […]

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Leprechaun Pillow Box

St. Patrick's Day Craft: leprechaun pillow box

There’s a long weekend coming up at the end of the week, so when you aren’t celebrating the ones you love on Valentine’s Day, and if you are looking for a little something to do with the kids, make something crafty for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve got a simple paper craft project for you that […]