What Should I Do With $5,000?

Readers of Centsible Life often have questions. Since I’m in the business of helping you better your finances (and life!) I’m sharing reader questions each week. Recently a reader (name withheld) emailed me to ask about what to do with an extra $5,000 she would receive as a bonus from work. Q: “What should I […]

10 Money Tips For Women

learn how to  make the most  of your money

Are you confident about your life goals? Do you feel like you have enough saved? Are you struggling with your personal finances? If so, you aren’t alone. A recent study showed that while an overwhelming majority of women polled (75%) say they are confident that they can attain their life goals (having fulfilling relationships, raising happy […]

3 Simple Steps To Turn Your Tablet Into Cash

3 Simple Steps To Turn Your Tablet Into Cash

Back to school is here (or nearly here) for many kids around the US, and parents everywhere are overwhelmed with the costs of back to school supplies. It used to be that kids had to lug around heavy, expensive, and sometimes outdated textbooks. Today, schools are turning to tablets to solve this problem, using e-textbooks […]

25 Fall Family Activities for Less

25 frugal fall family activities

It’s nearly Fall, and with it comes my favorite weather. Since Fall means cooler air we spend a lot more time outside, and I’m always looking for ways to maximize our family fun for less. So we put together a list of things you can enjoy with your family and friends throughout the season without spending […]

iConsumer: Earn & Own While You Shop

iConsumer Shop, Save, Earn, Own

I love to earn cashback when I shop. Finding the best deal is a great start, but adding on cashback makes it an even sweeter deal. But I don’t just stop at a little cashback. You can earn double the cash with a rewards credit card and cashback sites. If I shop smart I can […]

11 Tips To Go Back To School On A Budget

11 tips to save on back to school

Back. To. School. Whether you love this time of year or loathe it you have to prep for it no matter what. Personally I love back to school time. No, not just because my kids are out of the house, but because I love school supplies. I’m the nerd that likes freshly sharpened pencils, the […]

College Students Rate C For Personal Finance

Do you have college age kids? Do you remember being a college-aged kid yourself? Chances are likely that you can relate to how financially unsavvy college-aged kids can be. There are outliers, but most college-aged kids know very little about personal finance, and end up making expensive mistakes. Some of you may relate to the freebies […]