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While I was in Denver I got to meet the awesome folks behind ibotta, an app that helps you earn money. Once I saw it in action I was hooked! I knew this would be a great fit not only for me, but for you too. It’s a super simple way to earn money with your smartphone.

You simply download ibotta to your iPhone, redeem offers, and shop. When you’re done you’ll upload your receipt to ibotta who will then pay you cash money for your purchases. No forgotten coupons, no lost mail-in rebates–just cash straight to your pocket.

How to earn money with ibotta:

1. Download the iPhone app.

2. Create an account.

3. Look through offers to find products you want to buy.

Offer screens look like this, and you can sort based on category simply by clicking a button.

4. Go into individual offers and take action. You can do all the action items, or choose the ones that appeal to you.

The product detail page looks like this one from Glad. Simply click the circles at the bottom.  Wondering if you have the right product? Use the barcode scanner in the top right corner to scan and find out.

5. Upload a picture of your receipt.

6. Go live your life while ibotta verifies your earnings.

7.  Take the money and run! Or do some good, and donate it to the school of your choice.

Questions you might have about ibotta: ibotta FAQs

Can I download ibotta with a Droid?

ibotta is an iPhone only app currently, but you can sign up for notification of the Droid app on their website

Is it a coupon app?

No, it’s not a coupon app, it’s a way to earn money by shopping for products at your local stores. You can still use coupons on these products for additional savings.

Where can I use ibotta?

Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or Duane Reed are the stores that come up on my phone. You may have other options based on your location.

How much is each offer worth?

Offers vary in price from about 50 ¢ to $1.75 based on the current offers in my phone. The math tells me that it ibotta is paying me approximately $5 for 10 minutes of work-that’s a not too shabby $30/hour for buying stuff I’m already buying.

Do they really pay you?

YES! Quickly too. Usually within 24-48 hours you’ll get a notification and email that your receipt has been approved. You can instantly move the cash from ibotta to Paypal once you reach $5.

What school can I donate to?

Any school in the US! Use your location, search by school name or zip code.

Ways ibotta can improve:

One feature I’d like to see is being able to add my own lists items to ibotta to keep all my lists in one place. I’d also love to see more options that are outside the packaged food box since we rarely eat packaged foods. Items like household goods, clothing, and even larger purchases like appliances would be amazing.

My personal ibotta use:

Before I shared this with readers I wanted to make sure it worked, so I gave it more than one try. It was super easy for me to earn money on products I was already planning to buy. I used the scanner to verify some purchases (helpful for beauty/personal care products), but overall it was as easy as shopping with my regular list. Besides I’m used to shopping with my iPhone in hand, so this was just a normal extension of my typical shopping.

I earned $6 total so far, but you could easily earn more. I don’t buy a lot of the products ibotta offers, and several items were priced higher at my local Target than they would be at my local grocery store even accounting for the ibotta earnings.

Where to download: Click here to download ibotta.

Would you try out ibotta? Would love to hear your feedback if you do try it.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  

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  1. Anthony at Ibotta says

    Thanks for the great post, Kelly! Our hope is for you to redeem offers at any retailer, so someday soon you’ll be able to use Ibotta as often as you’d like, since we’re adding more stores all the time :)

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