Easter Crafts: DIY Bunny Treat Jar

So, you have bags of little eggs and candy for Easter. Now what? How about popping them into a homemade bunny treat jar. This Easter craft makes everything better ¬†with it’s in cute packaging. These bunny jars are simple enough that kids can make them, too!

DIY Bunny Treat Jar

What you need:

  • Jars – canning or thoroughly cleaned jars from the grocery store
  • White spray paint – I used paint left over from the painted vase project
  • Scraps – leftover card stock, foam, felt, broken bunny ear headbands
  • E6000 glue
  • Black Sharpie
  • Treats to fill the jars

I used a pasta sauce jar and an old broken headband that I found in Marisol’s dress-up box, along with some felt and foam scraps to make this bunny jar.

Easter crafts for kids

The first thing you need to do is spray the jar lid white. You will need to sand it a little first, and spray a few coats. Set aside to dry thoroughly.

As you can see the headband for my daughter’s bunny ears had snapped and I hate to throw things away if they can be re-used so I removed the fur from the ears, applied glue to the top of the jar and wound the fur around to cover the very top of the jar.

The next step is to cut out bunny ears. The bunny ears on the headband were a little too big for this jar so using scraps of foam and felt that I found in my craft supplies I cut out ear shapes and glued them to the top of the jar using the E6000.

Draw a bunny face on the jar with the Sharpie.

There are many other items you can put into your treat jar if you don’t want to add candy or eggs. Here are a few:

  • Roll a t-shirt for kids
  • Scarf or wrap for a teacher, neighbor or grandparent
  • Marshmallows
  • Popcorn or Kettlecorn
  • White chocolate covered pretzels
  • Golf balls
  • Balls of wool for the crafter
  • Stuffed toy
  • Embroidered hand towel
  • Homemade playdough
  • White craft supplies – buttons, pipe-cleaners, lace, ribbons, feathers, felt, pom poms

Give these adorable bunny treat jars to the kids, neighbors, teachers, grandparents and friends.


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  1. Heather says

    I love the idea of a rolled t shirt in the jar. I would probably have to use a plastic jar though because my kids would break glass in 30 sec flat! #boymom #EverythingisaWeapon

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