Embly: Social Gifting and $10 to Beauty.com

Do you ever feel disconnected from friends and family? You may be spread out geographically, busy with your own life, and just plain forget to mark special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even surprising them with something special for no reason at all.

I know I’m guilty of not checking in enough with friends and family. It’s not that I don’t care, but my life is a never-ending series of drop offs, pickups, events, work, and occasionally sleep. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scrambled to find a gift for someone because I’ve just been too busy surviving my hectic schedule.

A new service is making it easier for me, and you. Embly’s goal is to help you ‘gift freely,’ and in most cases for free, by offering an easy way to give gifts. It allows you to receive offers and give gifts to friends via Facebook, your mobile phone, or email. That’s called social gifting, and it’s an innovative concept to make gifting easier for us all.

Retailers traditionally spending lots of money on advertising or by offering discounts, but Embly  cuts out the marketing in the middle and works directly with retailers to bring you both free gifts you can give to your friends and family. Your loved ones get some spending money from their favorite retailers, and the retailer gets a visit from a valued customer, and the best part is that you get all the credit!

What is Embly?

Embly is a social gifting service currently available by application. Through a special offer to Centsible Life readers (see below), you can sign up in seconds and using Facebook connect you can start giving to others right away. Here’s a note from Embly’s founders;

“We found that all too often we were missing the really important stuff in our friends’ lives because there was so much other Facebook activity happening or we were simply too busy to check in regularly. Like most people, we just couldn’t keep up! Even when we did, being the 18th wall post or 32nd like to celebrate something good in one of our friends’ lives just didn’t feel very special to us. We wanted to do more!

So we built a service that lets you know when something big is happening in a friend’s life by sorting out the important stuff from all the other chatter on Facebook and presenting it in an easy to use app that is always up-to-date on your friend’s celebrations. Then we talked to retailers who were thrilled at the idea of joining a celebration by offering a targeted free gift that you can send to your friends.

Voila! Embly was born. It’s easy, instant, and a personal way to celebrate your friends.”

Sample of the homepage view on Embly.

You can search for friends directly from the homepage, or scroll down to see whose birthday is coming up soon.

Free versus Paid gifts

Free gifts:

Currently Embly offers an array of free gifts you can give to friends from brands like Beauty.com, Minted, and Rent the Runway. The offers are 100% free-that means you can gift a friend, but you don’t pay a dime! Your  friend can then turn around and send these as well as other gifts to their friends. You can see how this could quickly become a chain of gifts that started with one person-you.

What’s the catch? Not much! There are some terms and conditions on each gift,  but nothing that would keep me from gifting to friends and family. Generally terms include language about not combining with other offers, and shorter expiration dates than paid gift cards.

Paid gifts:

Paid gifts are digital gift cards you can buy from various retailers. Some current examples include Wine.com, Cooking.com and Zappos.com. It takes about 3 clicks to send someone a gift from homepage to done, so it’s easier than hunting down a gift or gift card from another site. Since Embly simplifies the process you can easily send gifts to everyone on your list in just a few minutes.  Embly will even alert you in advance of that special occasion, and recommend the perfect gifts you can give to celebrate the important moments in your friends’ lives.

Special Embly Invite & Gift for Centsible readers!

Over the next 48 hours Centsible Life readers have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to get access to Embly’s new service AND  receive a gift $10  at  Beauty.com!  All you have to do is sign up for the service here, and you’ll get $10 for you, and be ready to start gifting freely  with this  gift and others!  Rememeber when you gift to friends, they will also get to join Embly and start gifting as well.

Here’s how you can claim your Embly gift:

1. Click on this exclusive invite link to Embly to get $10 at Beauty.com, and start gifting! (see gift details for more info on this offer)

2. Start gifting!

3. Totally optional, but I’d love you forever if you did it: Come back and tell me what you think!

What do you think of Embly? Don’t forget to sign up for your free $10 to Beauty.com and head over to FormerlyGracie.com for $25 in stationary at Minted!


Disclosure: I am principal and co-founder of Splash Creative Media. We are proud to partner together with Radiate PR to spread the gifting love of Embly with readers, fans, and followers. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of Splash Creative Media, Embly, Radiate PR, or Beauty.com.

Gift details: This is a limited time exclusive opportunity which is by invitation only. The invitation is limited to 300 users through this offer, and participants will get full access to Embly’s social gifting service.

The Beauty.com offer expires 30 days after sign up. Offers can only be given once per user, but can be gifted to up to 20 different friends.

For full terms of service, please see Embly.com/terms

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