Five Fabulous Blogs to Follow

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1. Musings of a Housewife

Jo Lynne’s blog has always been a favorite read. She talks about her family, offers tips for bloggers, design tips for your blog (and runs her own design business), and shares fashion advice each week like this recent post on airplane fashion. Recently she went gluten-free, so I love reading about how she survived the holidays without gluten, and other gluten free adventures as a fellow GF girl. There’s a lot that we have in common, like eating whole foods, but it’s her voice on her blog that brings me back each and every time.

2. Wise Bread

Ok, so I work here as their community manager (check out my intro video), but I still love the content. They have your financial life covered from every angle whether you want to read about dealing with post-holiday debt, how to win blog giveaways, or the art of asking for fewer gifts. It’s like a treasure trove of advice, ideas, and ways to save.

3. Man vs. Debt

If you don’t know Adam Baker and his family, you should. Their story is so fun to read about. They were a young married couple with an infant daughter headed down the typical American path to middle class debt and a mortgage when they decided to declare a war on debt, sell almost everything they owned, and take a risk to move across the world. Now you can find them driving around the country in an RV while Adam supports the family with his blog and other income streams. The best part? You can read all about their finances in minute detail on the blog which gives you a peek into what online income looks like, and how you might adopt some of their unconventional lifestyle for your own.

4. Young House Love

Back when my hubby and I were younger (and had more time and less kids) we loved to do home improvement projects late into the night. I still remember staying up until 2 in the morning painting our loft’s walls into a sky to turn it into our son’s room. We laughed, we painted, and transformed a room all while the wee ones slept. I’ve been avoiding projects in our house for awhile since we have been focused on paying off our debt and not spending, but reading Young House Love which shares a couple’s journey to buy a home, host their own wedding, redo every room in their first house (and now their second!) is so inspiring. Following along as they have completed projects, had an adorable baby, become full time bloggers, and moved into a new place to redo has got me salivating for paint samples, and knocking down walls. Just try not to be inspired when you visit their blog.

5. The Bloggess

Jenny writes about her life with such an eccentric, and hilarious tone that you will both laugh and cry, sometimes both. She writes posts that are serious and moving like when she shares the heartbreak of a friend who lost her husband to mental illness and comes out about her own illness, or her holiday fundraising drive which raised thousands of dollars for families who couldn’t afford Christmas presents. Mainly though her site is populated by odd but hilarious posts about her taxedermied wild boar head , James Garfield, her giant panda suit, and more. One of the best parts of her site is the comments. Just be forewarned you may laughing until you can’t breathe.

While I have many more blogs I love to read, I couldn’t possibly fit them all in. What are your favorite blogs? I’m always looking for new reads.


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