Gluten-Free BBQ Ranch Chicken Wraps and Udi’s Tortilla Review

Udi’s sent us some gluten free tortillas to review. Below you’ll find my thoughts and a great gluten-free recipe for wraps.

Going gluten free isn’t that tough aside from the mental hurdles. There are a plethora of resources, and foods available at grocery stores and restaurants from chains to small pizza shops. There are a few foods I have trouble finding replacements for when I want a something special like cupcakes, but for the most part I’m happy to do without.

One big exception is tortillas and wraps. They make life easier when I’m eating on the go, and can take a salad or entreé from ho-hum to amazing.

Corn-based tortillas aren’t the same, and I’ve found other brands to be lacking in the texture you expect from wraps. They typically taste like chewy nothing, or worse they are too hard and brittle.

So when Udi’s asked us to try out their new line of wraps I said YES, please! My 11 year old has been trying out a gluten-free diet (seems to be helping her thankfully) and she loves wraps. They are practically a food group for her!

Gluten free tortillas


This is a little like Goldilocks, so be prepared. We first tried the wraps straight out of the package for our taco night. I was busy making dinner, and didn’t read the packaging. Oops. Turns out the wraps need to be warmed, something I usually do, but somehow forgot to do in the chaos of the evening.

Second we tried warming the tortillas in our toaster oven. This produced a crispy, crunchy tortilla which I loved, but again, not the best for rolling and wrapping.

Ideally these could be popped in the microwave for 10 seconds or so, but since we don’t have one (no, really) I opted to warm them on the stove in an iron skillet. I added just a drop of oil, and spread it around because I didn’t want the tortillas to get ‘fried’ too much. After warming up my pan (which takes forever with our electric stovetop and was useful since I busied myself making the recipe below) I popped in the tortillas for about 30-45 seconds on each side, and then we were set.

They were just right. I felt a little like Goldilocks when she said it was “Just right.” They were firm not flakey, warm but not toasty, and perfect for wrapping.  These tortillas will also work well for things like quesadillas, but somehow I ended up with kids who don’t like them. Weird, I know.

Instead we use them on taco night, and Emma and I use them for wraps on the go. She’s packed them with tuna salad, chicken and lettuce, leftovers from taco night, among other toppings.

Our Review: For wraps and Mexican dishes these tortillas are perfection. Be careful that you need to warm these up if you’re planning to use them straight from the package to wrap something tasty up. As an added bonus these tortillas have a good deal of fiber which makes them a great way to get added fiber when you give up gluten. While pricey it’s worth it to me to have a good option for our daughter who is still making the transition to gluten-free.

While these are not available online yet, they may be available at your local store.  

Gluten-Free BBQ Ranch Chicken Wraps


  • 1 chicken breast cooked–we used leftover chicken from dinner  Recipe:  
  • Sliced romaine lettuce  
  • 4 Udi’s large tortillas
  • Gluten-free BBQ sauce–we used Wegman’s organic BBQ sauce
  • Gluten-free ranch dressing–we used Annie’s Cowgirl Ranch


  • Slice chicken breasts into thin strips, set aside.
  • Slice romaine lettuce into strips
  • Warm Udi’s wraps in microwave(10-20 seconds) or skillet (30-45 seconds in a warm pan).
  • Place chicken on middle of wrap. Top with lettuce. Add 1 tsp. BBQ sauce and 2 tsps. ranch dressing*
  • Fold bottom of wrap up towards middle and hold in place. Then roll the wrap from side to side.  

*Note the amount of dressing and sauce will vary by taste and whether you are packing or eating immediately. Use 1 part sauce to dressing.


Disclosure: I received Udi’s products and coupons to facilitate my review.

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