How To Get an Xbox ONE for Free

The Xbox ONE hits shelves (and TVs) tonight at midnight. The latest gaming system from Microsoft is more than a gaming console. It’s a voice controller for your TV, it’s a gaming system, it’s a way to stream all kinds of content whether you’re watching YouTube videos, streaming Netflix, viewing family photos, or searching your cable channel guide for something to watch. It’s a revolution that brings all your entertainment options together in one place and allows you to control it all via your voice. You can read more about Xbox ONE here.

The cost of the Xbox ONE starts at $499 though there are also bundle options that include games, controllers, and more for slightly more money. But you can get the Xbox ONE for free. Below I’ll share how we were able to get our Xbox ONE at no cost.
Get Xbox ONE free

How to Get an Xbox ONE for Free

1. Find what you’re willing to trade in: Gather any old gaming systems, games, and devices such as iPods that you are willing to trade in. Remember items that are broken are eligible to trade in too!

2. Find values: Look up trade-in values on Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and other sites.

3. Look for extra trade in money: Find out if there are upcoming trade in deals such as a recent GameStop offer that offered 90% extra on any system that was traded in.

4. Be patient: The goal is to get the most value for your trade in items. So you may have to trade in systems at one time and games at another time.

5. Get your Xbox ONE! Once you’ve accrued enough trade-in value you can get an Xbox ONE, or if you’ve trade in everything you’re willing to and don’t have enough to get it free, it’s likely you’ll still have an awesome discount on your new system.

Optional: You may also consider selling your used items on eBay or Craig’s List as well. Look up recent values on their sites.

Where to Trade in or Buy Xbox ONE

Amazon: Xbox One Console on Amazon You can also sell items on Amazon’s Marketplace or trade in certain items for Amazon credits.

BestBuy: Trade in values can be found here or you can trade in your items at the store.

GameStop: This is where we went. they offer extra trade in value days which make their values better than other retailers. Look up trade in values here, and contact your local store to learn about extra value days.

Target: Target also offers a trade in program where you’ll get a Target gift card. Look up values here.

eBay: You can sell your phone, tablets, or consoles on eBay and either use your cash to buy on eBay or buy elsewhere.

Have you ever traded in items to purchase a new system or game?

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  1. Carrie MkgLemonade says

    I haven’t entered into the gaming system world yet but this will be really helpful once we do. It’s just a matter of (very little) time before I crack and buy one, I just know it!

  2. ginabad says

    My hubby trades in games every other week at GameStop! It’s totally worth a membership there. But he won’t trade in gaming systems, sadly…

  3. says

    This is great Kelly! I just emailed it to my 16 yo son who is desperate for one. What a great way for him to get involved in cleaning out all the old and earning his new xbox. BRILLIANT.


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