How to Help Newtown

There are no words to express how many of us feel today-sad and worn from the grief we feel as a nation right now. But I can not sit by and be silent. Instead I’m choosing to us my time and platform to share ways you can help today.

Thank a Teacher

My dear friend, Julie, a former teacher herself started a movement today to thank a teacher. In Julie’s words:

In our rushed world, we rarely have an opportunity to show our appreciation for those who spend 6 hours a day with our children. Those who give of their time and brilliant minds to help our own children to stay safe, comfortable, loved and to help them grow.

On Monday, December 17, 2012, take a moment and thank a teacher. Send her an email, a card, a bouquet of flowers. Create a “thank you”bulletin board. Offer to help from home. Make time to volunteer in the classroom.

Take a few minutes in your day and connect with your favorite teacher, or your child’s teacher. It’s simple; just tell him or her “thank you.”

You can find out more about hosting this information on your website, and the movement on Julieverse.

Help Noah’s Family

Noah Pozner was one of the 20 children who died on Friday. He is the nephew of a blogging friend, Victoria.  I am devastated for her, her family, and of course Noah’s family. He left behind a twin sister among other siblings.

You can help by making donations, sending cards to the family, bidding on an auction to benefit the family, and sending prayers. Jessica shared all the information you will need to help, as well as a touching account of Noah.

You can also send #lovefornoah on twitter today. He will be laid to rest this afternoon.

Send Cards

My children were both horrified and saddened to hear the news this weekend, and my 10 year old decided to make some artwork to send to Newtown. She said it may help them feel better to know we’re thinking about them.

If you’d like to send cards you can as well to this address, as well as toys, or anything else you’d like to send.

Newtown Police Dept.
3 Main St
Newtown, CT 06470
(203) 270-4255

Make a Donation:

Donations will help provide counseling and other services for families of victims, and children and families in the community.

Donate money to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund by mailing a check to:
Newtown Savings Bank
Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown savings Bank
39 Main Street
Newtown, Connecticut 06470

Donate by credit card to:
United Way of Western Connecticut

I will spend the rest of the day doing what I can to help, and hugging my kids extra tight when they get home today.



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