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Finding a local toy store that isn’t a big box store can be a challenge in the ‘burbs. My family and I were invited to get a sneak-peek at MonkeyFish Toys in Exton, Pennsylvania, and what we saw we loved! It is absolutely loaded with awesome toys. From eco-friendly options to hard to find LEGO sets there is something for everyone.

MonkeyFish Toys

The best part of our visit was how welcoming the staff and store was for our kids. While I do shop big box stores (I should probably own Target stock by now) shopping local is vastly different from the checkout at Toys R’ Us not only in terms of the service, but the atmosphere. The store is a local, small business which makes me like it even more.  Not only does shopping small and local help small businesses and their owners, but it means better customer service and supporting our local economy while we shop.

MonkeyFish Toys is located in a strip of retail and grocery stores located just down the road from Eagleview. While technically it’s the ‘Lionville’ area, the address is Exton. For those traveling through (whether local on on a road trip), you can hop off the Turnpike at Exit 312 and you’ll arrive in less than five minutes at this store.

However, looks are  deceiving. From the outside it looks like a small storefront, but the deep store includes not only a wide  variety  of toys for sale, but several awesome hang out areas for kids including a TV are, LEGO table, train table, and even a craft area. For the grownups there’s a complimentary coffee bar so you can choose your beverage of choice while you shop.

The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, but most importantly if you don’t find what you’re looking for ask. They are open to suggestions, and love to know what their customers are interested in purchasing.

There was SO much to see in the store, but here’s why we’ll be back.

MonkeyFish Collage

LEGO: We loved the LEGO area which included not only a wide variety of LEGO sets, but some older and hard to find sets as well. The shop owners told us their goal is to keep older sets in stock for local LEGO collectors. There were also display cases filled with a tons of mini-figs and some sets that were built including some classic sets from way back!

PlayMobil Guy: We love PlayMobil itself but having a giant figurine that the kids were allowed to ‘borrow’ the sword and shield from was epic fun.

Coffee Bar: I’m a sucker for it I know, but do you know any other store that would do that and not charge you for your cup of joe?

Eco-friendly: So many eco-friendly toys and craft supplies were found throughout the store.

Cool Characters: There were some fun items for us grown-up kids too including Doctor Who toys (hello, inflatable Dalek) and vintage looking lunchboxes including my hero Wonder Woman. There were also some harder to find character collectibles that are sure to be a hit with older fangirls and boys alike.

Games Galore: We love games in our house, so seeing such a huge collection of games (and many we’d never seen) was awesome!

If you’re local, stop by and check them out! Details are on the MonekyFish Toys Facebook page.

Do you have a local toy store you love?


Disclosure: We won a gift basket of games, and received a goodie bag for attending the sneak peek of MonkeyFish Toys.

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  1. Lauryn says

    I can’t wait to get down and check this store out! I wish we were just a bit closer because a Lego birthday party would totally be in order!


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