August Meal Plan Week One

August Meal Plan: Week One

August's meal plans are a bit more...organized. I had been doing weekly meal plans since we have made some big adjustments to how and who does cooking, but now we're back to do a 4 week menu that we can repeat, though it will likely take a … {Read More...}

what to buy in August

What To Buy In August

August 1st means it's time for our latest installment of the Best Time To Buy Everything aka What to Buy in August. We share this each month so you know what's a great deal and what to wait on (if you can). While we're all about the … {Read More...}

College Students Rate C For Personal Finance

Do you have college age kids? Do you remember being a college-aged kid yourself? Chances are likely that you can relate to how financially unsavvy college-aged kids can be. There are outliers, but most college-aged kids know very little … {Read More...}

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Behind The Blog: Personal Posts

Centsible Life

Weighty Matters

It's been some time since I've shared a personal update, and I thought it was as good a time as any to share. While the website is mainly devoted to … {Read More...}


Summer “Vacation”

Summer vacation has begun! The kids are thrilled, of course. I'm thrilled that homework is over, end of school year parties and celebrations are done, … {Read More...}


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Savory Summer Issue

Savory Magazine From GIANT {sponsored}

Savory is a new image heavy, food-focused magazine/app from GIANT Food Stores that’s become a go-to resource in my kitchen. We’ve been on the hunt for new recipes lately, trying about one a week on average. It’s been a great way to find new family favorites and we’ve of course created our own recipes, too. Savory’s tagline […]

travel hacks for budget travelers

Five #TravelTipZzz For The Budget Traveler {sponsored}

I’m currently on vacation. The auto responder is on. A lot went into planning this trip and while I want it to be fun and frugal– most importantly I want it to be restful. I need time to decompress, turn off the phone and notifications, and relax. This time it’s special because it’s my birthday! […]

Make it Epic Date night ideas

5 Epic Date Night Ideas with Schick {sponsored}

Date night. It is so necessary whether you’re married or single, but it can be so blah. Dinner √. Movie √. Drinks. √ Listen, I know being single and dating must suck sometimes, but being a parent dating your spouse? Date night is all well and good, but it’s not enough to just go out. You’ll […]