New Email Subscription Options

Centsible Life email subscription options

Great news! I’ve added new options for you to subscribe via email. Now you won’t miss a single post! Previously there was only a daily option, but now you can choose from a weekly binge reading option or choose categories you like the best. So if you like money focused content, but want to skip […]

Eating Air

What do you eat?

“What do you eat…..air?” As I was examining the breakfast spread at the Type-A Parent conference one morning carefully picking the few things I could eat from the delicious looking spread this is what a friend said. I know her well and know she was ribbing me so I laughed. It is funny to me, too. […]

Monday Meal Plan: October 13th

2012 Printable Menu Plan

I love, love, LOVE the Fall, but I also know that it’s a crazy busy time for our family, and I’m sure it is for yours, too. We have soccer, field hockey, after school activities, music lessons, and so much more. One of the things I am aiming to do this Fall is to take […]

Sunday Reads & Deals October 12th

Sunday Reads and Deals Centsible Life

We’re having a lazy Sunday today complete with book reading, hot tea and coffee, and lots of board games. We’re also crafting some fun stuff for Halloween. (crossing my fingers it turns out!) Sunday Reads: A Bajillion People with Autism This is a moving post on autism at My oldest is on the spectrum […]

Teaching Kids to Pilot to Adulthood

Pilot your own plane

Our oldest is a junior in high school, so we’re having a lot of conversations and thinking a lot about what happens next. This is the year (or so his school tells us) that decisions about colleges need to be made, that he needs to make plans for his future, that he needs to figure […]