Life 360 Gets you Organized and Stay in Touch #sponsored

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Where are you? Are you on your way home Did you get to your friend’s house ok? How many times a week do you have text or phone calls where you are checking in on family members or friends? I checked and in the last week I’ve had similar text messages nearly a dozen times! […]

Science and Fun with Sid the Science Kid App {Sponsored}

SID's Side to the Side

I’m always on the lookout for new apps for my kids, especially ones that sneak in a little learning while they play. Mindshapes asked me to share info about a new app they developed with one of our favorite characters, Sid the Science Kid. After playing with the app I knew readers would love it […]

Dinorama App: Teaching Kids Money Skills

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The makers of Dinorama  asked me to try out their app since they knew my readers and I would love it, and I think they’re right! Dinorama is an app that’s designed to teach young kids money management and savvy saving skills. It’s not only a fun app, but it teaches tons of valuable skills. […]

Alexandra Rain App + Guitar Giveaway

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I’m always looking for new apps to entertain the kids at those in between times. We like to have a few fun apps, but also some that focus on education and positive messages. That’s why I’m excited to see the launch of the Alexandra Rain app-an app that focuses on modeling positive qualities like courage, […]

Emergency Safety with #bSafe App


Emergencies come up more often than we’d like in life. Whether it’s a financial emergency that dips into our emergency fund, or a medical emergency that requires fast action, life never goes exactly as we plan. As my kids get older we talk a lot about various kinds of emergencies from fire safety to how […]