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quality time with grandparents

We’re living in the digital age. While there are still benefits to going ‘offline’ and living a more analog life digital connection can help you stay in touch as families and friends become dots all over a map of the world. It’s less and less common for us to stay put close to the people […]

YouTube Kids App Review

YouTube Kids App

YouTube is the video sharing website on the world wide web. It’s such a huge network that when you search Google for any given topic you’re sure to find videos in the results. The great thing about YouTube is that anyone can upload content to the platform. The bad thing about YouTube when it comes to […]

Emergency Safety with #bSafe App


Emergencies come up more often than we’d like in life. Whether it’s a financial emergency that dips into our emergency fund, or a medical emergency that requires fast action, life never goes exactly as we plan. As my kids get older we talk a lot about various kinds of emergencies from fire safety to how […]