Life 360 Gets you Organized and Stay in Touch #sponsored

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Where are you? Are you on your way home Did you get to your friend’s house ok? How many times a week do you have text or phone calls where you are checking in on family members or friends? I checked and in the last week I’ve had similar text messages nearly a dozen times! […]

Science and Fun with Sid the Science Kid App {Sponsored}

SID's Side to the Side

I’m always on the lookout for new apps for my kids, especially ones that sneak in a little learning while they play. Mindshapes asked me to share info about a new app they developed with one of our favorite characters, Sid the Science Kid. After playing with the app I knew readers would love it […]

Dinorama App: Teaching Kids Money Skills

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The makers of Dinorama  asked me to try out their app since they knew my readers and I would love it, and I think they’re right! Dinorama is an app that’s designed to teach young kids money management and savvy saving skills. It’s not only a fun app, but it teaches tons of valuable skills. […]

Alexandra Rain App + Guitar Giveaway

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I’m always looking for new apps to entertain the kids at those in between times. We like to have a few fun apps, but also some that focus on education and positive messages. That’s why I’m excited to see the launch of the Alexandra Rain app-an app that focuses on modeling positive qualities like courage, […]

Emergency Safety with #bSafe App


Emergencies come up more often than we’d like in life. Whether it’s a financial emergency that dips into our emergency fund, or a medical emergency that requires fast action, life never goes exactly as we plan. As my kids get older we talk a lot about various kinds of emergencies from fire safety to how […]

Mall apps: Fashion Friday

Malls can be tricky places to visit if you’re on a budget, and if you’re thrifty it may be downright painful to visit a mall, but sometimes it’s a must to pick up something you need (or want). Technology is catching up to malls with some malls creating apps you can download to your iPhone, […]

SWAGG- get organized, give, and maybe win $100!


Did you get some of the $1,000,000,000s in gift cards purchased and given this holiday season? If you’re like me you want to keep them all in one place so you don’t forget about them, but the sheer number of them can really crowd your wallet and cramp your purse. That’s where SWAGG helps. SWAGG […]