College Students Rate C For Personal Finance

Do you have college age kids? Do you remember being a college-aged kid yourself? Chances are likely that you can relate to how financially unsavvy college-aged kids can be. There are outliers, but most college-aged kids know very little about personal finance, and end up making expensive mistakes. Some of you may relate to the freebies […]

Secret Millionaires Club with Warren Buffett {giveaway}

Secret Millionaire's Club DVD

“It’s never too early to help kids understand about money. Whether it’s understanding the cost of the new toy they want, or the value of saving money. Kids are exposed to money matters from a very young age, so why not help them understand it and develop healthy habits early on?” –Warren Buffett in a Forbes interview Teaching […]

11 Tips for Teaching Kids About Money from Discover

11 tips to teach kids about money

Teaching kids to be responsible with money and teaching them how to be fiscally responsible is a huge challenge. From the moment they are able to ask for things there are opportunities to teach kids about how to manage their money. It doesn’t matter if they’re 3 or 13 there’s always more to discuss. As […]

Kids and Allowance: Don’t Let Your Kids ‘Rob’ You

Don't let your kids 'rob' you

“Can I have that, pllllleeeeeasssse?” As a parent, how often have we heard that familiar phrase? If you don’t have kids, I’m sure you remember a time you berated your parents for a prized possession. At times we may give in, and other times we brace for the tantrum that is sure to follow the […]

How to Teach Kids About Money: Guest Post

I have noticed somewhat of a disturbing epidemic going on in my hometown lately. No, it’s not a medical disease or plague, but it is something that I am very concerned about, and it seems to be affecting many more children today than it did in the not-so-distant past. Children seem to know nothing about […]

Is giving always a good thing?

My kids have been saving money for months. A portion of their allowance goes to long-term savings, a portion goes to giving, and a bunch goes to saving for our upcoming vacation. We do the accounting online, so they rarely touch a dollar bill. For our kids this works, since otherwise the cash ends up […]

Savvy savings products for kids

One of my most popular posts of all time is Kids and Allowance. As parents we don’t just struggle to manage our own finances, but we want to teach our kids smart money saving strategies. We want them to grow up and learn how to manage money without making the stupid mistakes we made or […]