How to Not Go Overboard on Birthday Parties

How to NOT go Overboard on Kids Birthday Parties

Maybe this will make me sounds like I’m old, but back in my day a birthday party was a casual affair. We would have a handful of kids over to the house for a daytime party or a sleepover. Food would be simple like pizza, soda, popcorn, and of course a cake (usually homemade). These […]

9 Frugal & Fun Weekend Activities, #1 is my favorite!

9 Frugal & Fun Weekend Activities for Families

While our week is usually super busy, my husband and I try to keep weekends relatively activity free so we can focus on spending time with our kids, doing stuff around the house, and catching up on rest. I’d much rather sleep in, be lazy, have a late brunch, and play games; the kids would […]

Save on Childcare for Date Nights and Ideas on Special Dates at Home

Save on Childcare for Date night

Recently a friend lamented that due to her busy work schedule and family life she and her husband weren’t finding the time to spend one on one. She felt that her marriage and their financial decisions were both being effected by their lack of time to spend together. With their family’s smallest members, and her […]

Financial Literacy for Families with Discover {sponsored}

Financial Literacy for Families

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning the house, it’s also a great time to clean up your finances by taking a closer look at your family’s budget. Since April also happens to be Financial Literacy Month it’s an ideal time to teach the family more about money management. Financial literacy gives kids the basis to […]

8 Ways to Teach your Kids the Value of Money

How to Teach Kids Value of Money

Busy family life and hectic schedules can make it challenging to teach kids the value of a dollar. Since we all know a dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to, sharing that value can be even trickier for parents who often have sticker shock over the price of everyday goods. What’s a parent […]