Thrift Store Shirt Makeover

Save money and bring new life to previously loved shirts for back to school.

It’s July, and for some of us that means school is starting back next month. Okay, now that you are done double-checking your calendar and wondering how the summer has been flying by so quickly let’s talk easy ways to save money on clothes. Thrift stores are a fantastic place to pick up bargains, save […]

8 Ways Teens Can Start A Business This Summer

Portrait of pretty teen girls using touchpad

Do you have teens at home this summer? We do, too. Most typical jobs (cashiers, clerks, etc.) require more experience and a lot more flexibility than many teens have. And if you’re on the younger end of teens-forget it. So instead of a typical summer job we found some ways they can earn some extra […]

Tips For Keeping Track Of Summer Gear

Keep track of summer gear

Keeping track of all our stuff over summer can be a part-time job. Between trips, camps, activities, and adventures we all need a little extra help keeping organized. Instead of spending time searching for that lost pool toy or hunting down the googles your kid left poolside you can focus on fun with a little […]

Summer “Vacation”


Summer vacation has begun! The kids are thrilled, of course. I’m thrilled that homework is over, end of school year parties and celebrations are done, and there’s no more long morning routine. WOOHOO! We have more time to be active, more time to do fun things, and more time to do things we don’t get […]

29 Ways To Prepare For Baby Financially {sponsored}

29 Ways To Prepare For Baby Financially

Thank you Chicco Shop for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Chicco Shop, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. Babies are awesome. But money wise getting ready for baby can seem like a huge challenge. Saving money on baby and preparing your finances for baby’s arrival are almost a part-time […]

529 Day

529 Day Fidelity

It’s 529 Day!  Every year on 5/29 many 529 plans offer up special deals to help celebrate the holiday while others raise awareness about 529 plans and their benefits. In honor of the holiday we’re sharing tips and an infographic from Fidelity. I recommend college savings come AFTER retirement savings, and while college costs can […]

Amazon Kindle For Kids Bundle

Kindle for kids bundle

Summer is nearly here, and that means lots of kids at home with not a lot to do. I’m dreading the ‘I’m bored’ commentary already. But summer doesn’t have to be boring. Thankfully Amazon has a great solution–its reading time! Starting today, Amazon is offering a special Kindle for Kids Bundle just in time for […]

He’s okay.

Aidan is okay

Before I say anything else, I have to say he’s okay. It’s how I start before I tell anyone what happened this past weekend. On Friday night our youngest, Aidan, was struck by a car when he ran into the road. He was playing with his sister and friends when they decided to walk down […]

5 Ways To Save The Most On Baby Gear {sponsored}

5 Ways to Save on Baby Gear

Thank you Chicco Shop for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Chicco Shop, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. This is part two in a series about saving money on baby essentials. Today we’re going to tackle how to save the most on baby gear. Part One of our series is […]