College Students Rate C For Personal Finance

Do you have college age kids? Do you remember being a college-aged kid yourself? Chances are likely that you can relate to how financially unsavvy college-aged kids can be. There are outliers, but most college-aged kids know very little about personal finance, and end up making expensive mistakes. Some of you may relate to the freebies […]

What bank is best? Where should you stash your cash?

Image of pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of dollar bills

What bank is best? It’s not a simple question. Where you keep your money is almost as important as having it after all! There are so many accounts, credit cards, and banks and figuring out which ones to use can be a challenge. Since I often get asked what bank I use, what credit cards I […]

8 Ways Teens Can Start A Business This Summer

Portrait of pretty teen girls using touchpad

Do you have teens at home this summer? We do, too. Most typical jobs (cashiers, clerks, etc.) require more experience and a lot more flexibility than many teens have. And if you’re on the younger end of teens-forget it. So instead of a typical summer job we found some ways they can earn some extra […]

Credit Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Credit {sponsored}

Credit Guide Everything you need to know about credit.

Personal finance gurus often look down on credit cards. They may claim that it’s irresponsible to borrow or equate credit cards with some sort of moral failure. But the truth is that credit is helpful in many ways. Credit allows you to leverage your money today. It helps provide you with a borrowing history in […]

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Managing Money {sponsored}

top 10 mobile apps for managing  money

Mobile apps are where it’s at. I’m a big fan of managing my money and credit on the go and mobile apps are the best way to stay on top of payments, credit limits, pay bills, and more no matter where I am. I’m compiling a list of my favorite apps, but I would love […]

5 Steps To Get Your Student Ready For A Credit Card (and what to do if they’re already in debt) {sponsored}

5 steps to help your students be ready for credit

Credit cards and young people don’t seem to mix well. We all know the story of the teenager that goes off to college, gets their first credit card, and before they know it they’re in a mountain of debt with no way out. That story is all too common. I’m sure many of you relate […]

Double Cashback with Discover it® {sponsored}

Double your cash with Discover

Do you ever wish you could double your money? You could do so much more. Save twice as much, give back twice as much, invest twice as much—the possibilities are endless! Don’t we all wish we could wave a magic wand and double our money? While it may sound too good to be true there […]

29 Ways To Prepare For Baby Financially {sponsored}

29 Ways To Prepare For Baby Financially

Thank you Chicco Shop for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Chicco Shop, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. Babies are awesome. But money wise getting ready for baby can seem like a huge challenge. Saving money on baby and preparing your finances for baby’s arrival are almost a part-time […]