Amazon Prime on Sale for $72! Today only!

Amazon Prime is on sale today for only $72! It’s a great bargain considering all you get from an Amazon membership. Prime members get free streaming of Prime TV, movies, and award-winning original content like Transparent. More importantly you get free 2 day shipping on a variety of items to be shipped anywhere. You can […]

25 tips to slash your restaurant spending in half

25 ways to slash restaurant spending

Most people still eat in restaurants on a weekly basis. While I love a good meal out at a nice restaurant it’s often budget busting. Busy lifestyles, dual income families, and our car dependent lifestyle have made dining out way of life for many people. We all know restaurant food isn’t great for our waistline, but […]

New Year, New Resolution: 7 Ways to Spend Smarter in 2015 {sponsored}

7 ways to spend smarter in 2015

Now that we’ve rung in the New Year and made New Year resolutions (that we may have already broken!) it’s time to think about making a lasting change for 2015. Committing to managing your money better is a great way to make 2015 the year when you take charge of your finances. Maybe you spent […]

Track and Pay Bills with Printable Bill Checklist

2015 Bill Checklist

How many times have you been caught not paying a bill on time? Whether it’s because you’re traveling, a bill got lost in the massive pile of mail, or you just plain forgot? <raises hand> I’ve been there, too. Don’t get me wrong I love the bill payer service our credit union offers. I love, love, […]

5 Easy Steps to Make a Year Long Menu Plan

create a year long menu plan in 5 easy steps

Even though we’re already a few days into the new year it’s not too late to create your own year long menu plan, and really you can start this at anytime that makes sense for your family. 1. Identify the family favorite recipes and menus you use often. Make a list of meals that you […]

2015 Menu Plan: Save $1,000s with Menu Planning

2015 Menu Plan

What if I told you I have a simple way you can save thousands of dollars every year? What if I told you it only took a few hours of planning? Menu plans save you big money. Cooking and eating at home can save you thousands of dollars every year. THOUSANDS. With my menu plan for […]

Use Popmoney for the Holidays {sponsored}

Popmoney send money

The holidays are all about giving. From giving gifts to giving back, there is a LOT of money exchanging hands. While it’s tempting to give monetary gifts in the form of gift cards there’s an even better way to give money this holiday season. It’s called Popmoney. Popmoney is a personal payment service that allows […]

The Intersection of Financial Health and Well-Being: Cigna study {sponsored}


Financial health is a key to success in life and the intersection of our financial health and our overall health and wellness can have a huge impact on us in the long-term. With the right tools, you can weather whatever life throws at you, whether it’s medical expenses or a busted water heater. Having healthy […]

5 Ways to Shop Smarter this Holiday Season {sponsored}

5 Ways to Shop Smarter this Holiday Season

December is all about family time, parties and celebrations, and of course shopping! With holiday parties, classroom events, baking, holiday parades, travel, gifts, and holiday feasts it can be tough to stay on top of saving money with all the shopping you have to do. Discover commissioned a recent independent poll about holiday shopping and […]

Sunday Deals & Reads December 7th

Sunday Reads and Deals Centsible Life

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. It’s been a heavy week. Between the grand jury news from New York and last week’s grand jury decision, the coverage of protests (from news sources and friends who have been right in the thick […]