Travel Smart with Credit Card Rewards–Discover it Miles {sponsored}

travel smart with credit card rewards

I love to travel. Whether it’s for work or pleasure (or a little of both), I love to see the sights, visit a few touristy places, sample the local fare, and meet-or make-local friends. The only downside? Travel can be expensive. Plane tickets or transportation, hotels, meals on the go, souvenirs– it all adds up, […]

10 ways to save or spend your tax refund {sponsored}

save or spend tax refund

It’s tax season so for many Americans it’s also tax refund season. Tax refunds may seem like a windfall, but with some well thought out planning you can use your tax refund to reach your financial goals. While you may find yourself tempted to splurge on vacation or buy a new wardrobe I have lots […]

11 Tips for Teaching Kids About Money from Discover {sponsored}

11 tips to teach kids about money

Teaching kids to be responsible with money and teaching them how to be fiscally responsible is a huge challenge. From the moment they are able to ask for things there are opportunities to teach kids about how to manage their money. It doesn’t matter if they’re 3 or 13 there’s always more to discuss. As […]

Sunday Roundup February 15th: Thanks Obama, Transparent, and Prime Pantry

Sunday Roundup

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and are not too frozen (if you’re somewhere warm-don’t answer that!). We had a delicious meal out the night before Valentine’s Day since it saved us some dough. Unfortunately we were freezing the whole time! The freezing temps and wind here in PA are crazy! I’m ready to pack […]