How to Not Go Overboard on Birthday Parties

How to NOT go Overboard on Kids Birthday Parties

Maybe this will make me sounds like I’m old, but back in my day a birthday party was a casual affair. We would have a handful of kids over to the house for a daytime party or a sleepover. Food would be simple like pizza, soda, popcorn, and of course a cake (usually homemade). These […]

15 Simple Ways to Live on Less

15 Simple Ways to Live on Less

What could you do with the ‘extra’ money you find in your budget?  You could use it to help you pay off debt, save more, or to reach a financial goal. The possibilities are endless. These 15 simple ways to live on less will help you help you reach your financial goals that much faster. […]

Best Colleges 2014 Review and Discount {sponsored}

US News Best Colleges 2014

I received a copy of the Best Colleges 2014. This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. The Best Colleges 2014 is more than just a list of the best colleges and universities in the United States. It’s also part guide for high school students, and part personal with experiences and advice from […]

Save on Childcare for Date Nights and Ideas on Special Dates at Home

Save on Childcare for Date night

Recently a friend lamented that due to her busy work schedule and family life she and her husband weren’t finding the time to spend one on one. She felt that her marriage and their financial decisions were both being effected by their lack of time to spend together. With their family’s smallest members, and her […]

ACME Markets giving away FREE groceries for a year! #IHeartACME {sponsored}

ACME free groceries for one year

ACME is one of my local market that offers up a great variety of products including their own ACME brands that will save you big bucks each week. They are sticklers for freshness and I find they have the best quality fresh produce in our area. The store was founded over 120 years ago as […]