The Intersection of Financial Health and Well-Being: Cigna study {sponsored}


Financial health is a key to success in life and the intersection of our financial health and our overall health and wellness can have a huge impact on us in the long-term. With the right tools, you can weather whatever life throws at you, whether it’s medical expenses or a busted water heater. Having healthy […]

5 Ways to Shop Smarter this Holiday Season {sponsored}

5 Ways to Shop Smarter this Holiday Season

December is all about family time, parties and celebrations, and of course shopping! With holiday parties, classroom events, baking, holiday parades, travel, gifts, and holiday feasts it can be tough to stay on top of saving money with all the shopping you have to do. Discover commissioned a recent independent poll about holiday shopping and […]

Sunday Deals & Reads December 7th

Sunday Reads and Deals Centsible Life

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. It’s been a heavy week. Between the grand jury news from New York and last week’s grand jury decision, the coverage of protests (from news sources and friends who have been right in the thick […]

Family CFO Interview: Noelle Kelly from Opera Singer in the Kitchen

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Family CFO Series

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Family CFO SeriesWelcome to another installment of the Centsible Life Family CFO interview series. This series will share a look behind the scenes at how other families manage their money with useful advice, funny stories, and hopefully we’ll all come out of it a bit more money savvy.  […]

Discover Helps you Save and Give This Holiday Season {sponsored}

Save More & Give Back for the Holidays

It’s officially the holiday season with Thanksgiving this week, and winter holidays just around the corner! This time of year is so busy, but also so amazing. We are busy with gift shopping and baking or cooking up our family favorites, but we also love to focus on giving back during the holiday season. Every step […]

Best Time to Buy during the Holidays


Holiday shopping season is here, and with it lots of things to buy! Looking for savings this holiday season is challenging. You may buy something one week and the next week find it for even less. To be sure you’re finding the best deals use this handy infographic from to help you find the […]

Earning Extra Money with Avon {sponsored}

How to Earn Extra Income with Avon

Avon has been a huge part our family’s life. My Dad worked for a branch of the company and was transferred to Newark, Delaware office when I was a baby. He worked there for many years before changing jobs. My Mom also worked at Avon as an Avon Independent Sales Rep and later as a […]

Invest in Yourself #TakeAnHour

Fidelity Take an Hour

With Daylight Savings Time today (don’t forget to reset your clocks!) Fidelity is challenging women across the country to take an hour to invest in their financial future. By investing this hour in your finances you can see some great long-term benefits, and you’ll be able to reap the rewards for years to come. Why Take […]

How to Get Rid of Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are not only scary, they’re expensive! While they may not want to suck your blood they certainly want to suck your wallet dry. Staking them in the heart won’t work, so below you’ll find expert tips on getting rid of energy vampires for good. What are energy vampires? Energy vampires are devices that are […]

How to Establish Good Credit {sponsored}

how to establish good credit

Good credit is the key to borrowing smart. It allows you to secure lower interest rates on a mortgage or auto loan, it gives you a larger pool of funds to borrow against for larger purchases or remodels, and can even help when you’re looking for a new job. Why does credit history matter? When […]