Credit Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Credit {sponsored}

Credit Guide Everything you need to know about credit.

Personal finance gurus often look down on credit cards. They may claim that it’s irresponsible to borrow or equate credit cards with some sort of moral failure. But the truth is that credit is helpful in many ways. Credit allows you to leverage your money today. It helps provide you with a borrowing history in […]

How To Help Your Family Make Healthier Choices {sponsored}

how to help your family make healthy choices

My husband and I have been working hard to make healthier choices together. We both aspire to be healthier so we can keep up with our kids (and the dog!) and ensure that we’re around for years to come. Making healthier choices isn’t always easy, but we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that unhealthy choices have […]

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Managing Money {sponsored}

top 10 mobile apps for managing  money

Mobile apps are where it’s at. I’m a big fan of managing my money and credit on the go and mobile apps are the best way to stay on top of payments, credit limits, pay bills, and more no matter where I am. I’m compiling a list of my favorite apps, but I would love […]

5 Steps To Get Your Student Ready For A Credit Card (and what to do if they’re already in debt) {sponsored}

5 steps to help your students be ready for credit

Credit cards and young people don’t seem to mix well. We all know the story of the teenager that goes off to college, gets their first credit card, and before they know it they’re in a mountain of debt with no way out. That story is all too common. I’m sure many of you relate […]

Camp Prep With Banana Boat® {sponsored}

Sleepaway Camp Prep with Banana Boat®

This week we’re in full on camp prep mode for sleepaway camp next week. Two of our kids are headed off to overnight camp for the first time! The list of essentials to pack for camp is long, but I’m armed with suggestions from their camp and my own must-haves. We partnered with Banana Boat® […]

Double Cashback with Discover it® {sponsored}

Double your cash with Discover

Do you ever wish you could double your money? You could do so much more. Save twice as much, give back twice as much, invest twice as much—the possibilities are endless! Don’t we all wish we could wave a magic wand and double our money? While it may sound too good to be true there […]

Summer Grilling Guide {sponsored}

Summer Grilling Guide

Summer is here and with it comes one of our favorite ways to cook-grilling. To be fair you can grill at anytime of year, but nothing beats grilling up dinner outside on a lovely summer night. As part of my sponsorship with GIANT Food Stores I’m sharing the ultimate summer grilling guide with tips, advice from […]

Kaiku Prepaid Card {sponsored}

Kaiku Prepaid card lifestyle

Learning to manage money is not something we’re taught in school. You either learn money habits from your parents, by modeling their behavior, or you go off into the world and make mistakes (that are often expensive) and find yourself paying for those mistakes many years later. (Hello, student loans.) One of the best and […]