The Best Money-Saving Apps for Holiday Shopping

For many of you holiday shopping is underway, and for me one of the most useful money-saving tools I use to make the most of my money during the holidays is my mobile phone. More specifically I really like a bunch of mobile apps that I have found, and I thought I’d share a few with you. Here are what I believe to be some of the Best Money-Saving Apps for Holiday Shopping.

The Best Money-Saving Apps for Holiday Shopping

Weekly Ads
Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPad Android
I used this mobile app just the other day while I was out and about trying to figure out where I could get the best deal on a Christmas present I was looking for. “With weekly ads for 96,000+ stores for 100+ retailers accessible in seconds”it was super easy to find what I was looking for.

Coupon Sherpa  
Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android
Coupon Sherpa’s mobile app offers in-store mobile coupons and printable coupons. The in-store mobile coupons for me is key as I’m more likely to use these than carry a giant binder around with my coupons. However, for those stores that don’t have an optical camera, Coupon Sherpa can hook you up with a printable option.
Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPod Touch
There are a ton of websites and mobil apps out there that promise to expose the secrets of future Black Friday sales. Though through the years I’ve found my favorite to be Therefore I downloaded the Black Friday app and have enjoyed it. What I like most about this app is that you can create shopping lists using the app to keep yourself organized for black Friday shopping.

For more Black Friday app options check out’s 10 Best Black Friday Sites.

Living Social
Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPad, Android
On the go or out and about? Using this mobile app you can find deals using to many local stores and restaurants while you are out already shopping. Just buy the deal offered to get great discounts, the deal is available on your phone, and you show it to your local retailer.

Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Mobile Web
The Groupon mobile app works much like Living Socials app, and I especially love the fact that I don’t have to carry around printed coupon to get the deal that I’ve purchased online.

Cost: Free
For: iPhone, Android, Windows, Palm, and Blackberry
The Buzzillions mobile app pulls in product reviews from all over the web about products that you are thinking about buying. Just scan the product you are looking at in using the barcode or use the search function on the app and read about what everyone who has ever bothered putting a product review on the web thinks about the product you are researching.

Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android
“Snap a picture, or scan the barcode of any book, DVD, CD, or video game sold in the US or UK, and within seconds get links to Amazon, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, IMDB, and more. Use the application while you are shopping to find more info, compare prices, buy the product, or remember the product for later.”It doesn’t get much better than this mobile app for price comparison research.

Key Ring  
Cost: Free For iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry
When using the Key Ring mobile app you can scan in all of your store loyalty cards, enroll in new loyalty programs, and keep track of them all in one place, your mobile device. It’s super convenient.  
Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPad
This great mobile app with it’s simple “buy now”or “buy later”feature helps you to know if you are buying a product when the price is too high or just right. It can also help you make your shopping decision by letting you know when a newer model is coming out soon.

Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPad, or Android
iSlick’s mobile app offers real time deals as they are happening by pulling from the web and the opinions of other users of iSlick. Like to notify people when you find a great deal? Islick also offers a feature in which you can add deals that you find. Simply go to the deal page, pull in the image, review, and submit your find. It’s a great social networking mobile app for bargain shoppers.

Gas Buddy
Cost: Free
For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry
If you’re holiday shopping this year you could probably use any break that you can get, and what a better way to make sure that you are making the most of your money than by making sure you are getting the best price you can on gas. Gas Buddy’s mobile app shows you all of the nearby gas stations in your area, and what they are charging for regular, midgrade, premium and diesel gas.

Which money-saving mobile apps are your favorites to use to help you this holiday season?

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