The Good Life for Less {Book Review}

The Good Life for Less: Giving Your Family Great Meals, Good Times, and a Happy Home on a Budget is a book by fellow blogger and one of the people who inspires me, Amy Allen Clark. Amy’s blog, MomAdvice, is the chronicle of her family’s frugal lifestyle. Her photos, articles, and social media are focused on living well on less money-a value we share.

Her content is always bookmarkable, pinnable, and spot-on. So when I learned she was writing a book I was thrilled to see her content in an expanded format!

I was thrilled to receive a copy of her book to review and below you’ll find my thoughts on the book below. But first I have to say how exciting it is to see someone I admire and read regularly get her own book published, and continue to grow her career while balancing work and life beautifully.

The Good Life for Less is a paperback book-a frugal touch-that has 5 chapters:

  • In Chapter 1 Amy shares her secrets and tips to budgeting. Sharing her personal story helps solidify her as someone who has truly been there and done that when it comes to living a frugal lifestyle and paying off debt.
  • Chapter 2 delves into the frugal kitchen. If you’ve ever read Amy’s blog you know her recipes and food posts are not only mouth watering, but frugal-minded as well.
  • In Chapter 3 Amy presents tried and true recipes she uses with her family. Ranging from everyday meals to dinner party worthy fare she covers a lot of ground here.
  • In Chapter 4 the focus shifts to special occasions. Birthdays, gatherings, anniversaries–all the things that make life special. Amy not only shares practical advice but real how-to tips you can easily practice on your next ‘big’ day.
  • In Chapter 5 Amy shares her tips for keeping her home and schedule organized and tidy. By maintaining a clean and organized house she finds it easier to be available to her kids, family, friends, and make time for herself.

In total the book is an easy 216 pages. A book you can read in a day or two (depending on how fast you read!), or in stolen chunks throughout a week of caring for your own family. But if you’re like me you’ll find yourself coming back to the book again and again since it’s a resource for living well on less.

Much of the advice offered is very much in line with the Centsible Life philosophy. Living well on less, simplifying, creating fun and family traditions for less are all things I practice and preach daily.

The book is a wonderful overview to living more frugally, but also full of tips and advice to live on less including birthday party ideas, meal planning advice, gift giving ideas, and even cleaning tips.

If you are beginning to live a more frugal lifestyle by choice or circumstance this book with author Amy Allen Clark’s sunny outlook are just what you need.

Where to Buy:

The Good Life for Less is available online at as a paperback (on sale for just over $10! or Kindle download. You can also find it (as of today!) in bookstores nationwide.


Disclosure: I received this book for review.

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Kelly Whalen is the founder and editor of the Centsible Life blog. She started the blog 6 years ago as her family faced a mountain of debt. The blog became a resource to readers and a hub for everything you need in life for less. Kelly lives in the Philadelphia area with her superhero husband, 4 awesome kids, and one adorable dog. She still believes you can have it all....just not all at once.



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