Life List

This is not a bucket list. This is a list of things I want to to do with my life. Some are simple, some are complicated, and some are improbable. I’ll add to this list regularly, as I’m inspired by new things and new people.

  1. Move to the West Coast
  2. Eat my way through France
  3. Unplug completely for a month
  4. Make a photo wall
  5. Finish our family room
  6. Make a backyard oasis
  7. Makeover our bedroom to be a relaxing place away from the chaos!
  8. Ride in a hot air balloon
  9. Buy a convertible
  10. Own an old house (a really, really old house)
  11. Spend a do nothing day with my husband
  12. Spend a month in Paris
  13. Take the kids to Disney
  14. Run a 5k
  15. Run 10 miles
  16. Compete in a triatholon
  17. Grow a successful vegetable garden
  18. Fly a plane
  19. Go to NYC with the family
  20. Write a book
  21. Pay off all debt
  22. Teach the kids to boogie board
  23. See the great Pyramids in Egypt
  24. Be part of an archaeological dig
  25. Fly a kite
  26. Go skiing with my family
  27. Go to the top of the Empire State building
  28. Scuba dive at the great barrier reef
  29. Walk on a black sand beach in Hawaii
  30. Knit a sweater
  31. Take my daughters to the Plaza hotel
  32. See the Constitution
  33. Visit Monticello
  34. Make a family history book for the kids
  35. Drink a fruity cocktail on a tropical beach in a bikini
  36. Stand on the Great Wall of China
  37. Create an actual wardrobe
  38. Go shopping for said wardrobe without worrying about prices
  39. Remodel our kitchen
  40. Buy gorgeous plates that dont match and vintage silverware
  41. Make photo albums for all the kids
  42. Get married again in a gorgeous garden (or on the beach)
  43. Get an old wood, giant, distressed wood table
  44. Make an art studio in the house
  45. Design a tee shirt
  46. Be the voice of a cause
  47. LLC my brand
  48. Attend Blog World Expo
  49. Take the hubby and oldest to Comic Con
  50. Get my college degree
  51. Recreate my fab cinnamon rolls from Christmas 2005
  52. Do 100 pushups without stopping
  53. Swim in a Masters swim meet
  54. Go on a roadtrip across the US
  55. See one thing that makes me say WOW in every state
  56. Have an 80s movie marathon
  57. Go gluten free again
  58. Go shelling at Sanibel Island
  59. Volunteer regularly
  60. Make costumes for the kids at Halloween
  61. See both my little ones swim
  62. Dance with my husband at an old school restaurant
  63. Sing on stage (karoke counts)
  64. Find my tribe of girlfriends
  65. Go on a girls only vacation with said girlfriends
  66. Break 100K on Alexa with my blog
  67. Buy all the domains I have on my list
  68. See a movie being filmed from up close
  69. own an engagement ring
  70. be happy in my skin
  71. build a treehouse for the kids
  72. teach E to read
  73. Be in charge of my money, not the other way around
  74. Visit Harry Potter Wizarding World
  75. Take the kids on a tour of England-Harry Potter style
  76. wear red lipstick and red finger nail polish
  77. own a pair of perfect red pumps
  78. buy the perfect little black dress
  79. Tour 100 art museums
  80. Meet people I admire (ongoing)
  81. Learn how to really use a kitchen knife
  82. Create consistent income via my blog
  83. Go a week without yelling
  84. Have all the laundry clean and put away (maybe when the kids move out)
  85. Have an organized entryway
  86. …..

This list was originally inspired by Karen Walrond of  Chookooloonks.