Best Time to Buy Everything

For the past year I have been showing you ways to make the most of your money via our Best Time to Buy series. And if you have been paying attention you probably noticed some shopping trends within the series, some shopping lessons if you will. Here are a few to refresh your memory.

  1. Grocery shop seasonally.  One of the absolute best ways to save money on your grocery bill is to purchase items that are in season. Not only will these items taste better if they are purchased in season, but the prices will ease that grocery bill greatly.
  2. Buy last year’s models when newest models are introduced. When new products arrive in store that always means last year’s models have gone on sale in the months before. If you’re a true gambler the best bargains are always had on last year’s models once the latest and greatest products have arrived.
  3. Shop for holiday items after holidays are over. The day after Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. are always great shopping days to purchase items directly related to that holiday. For example Halloween candy? It drops greatly in price the day after Halloween, and if you were to plan ahead you could purchase some of the more generically packaged candy, freeze it, and use it for stocking stuffers the following month all at prices up to 80% off of regular retail prices.
  4. Plan and shop up to a year ahead for future projects, vacations, etc.  Ultimately the best way to save money is the plan your life ahead of time, especially if you can plan things up to a year in advance. Home improvement projects, family vacations, and even getting ready for the newest driver in your home can all have their budgets cut dramatically if you carefully plan using our Best Time to Buy lists.

Speaking of the Best Time to Buy Lists, here are a few items that you can find from each list. For a more comprehensive list with an explanation of why these items are listed under each month feel free to click the links below. I’ve also created a downloadable item for you to if you would like to have a more simple summary. Enjoy!

Best Time to Buy Everything

Best Time to Buy – January
White sale items, workout and sports gear, treadmills, ellipticals, winter wear, electronics, especially televisions and home theaters, furniture, bicycles, boats, gas grills, carpeting, digital frames, office furniture

Best Time to Buy – February
Jewelry and fragrances after Valentine’s day, cameras, video games, weddings, cruises, furniture, boats, gas grill

Best Time to Buy – March
Windbreakers and rain coats, winter coats and outerwear, winter sports gear (especially skis), gardening tools, luggage, golf clubs, perfume, boats, gas grills, frozen foods

Best Time to Buy – April
China and cookware, winter gear, houses, car accessories and parts, vacuum cleaners, laptops, televisions, winter fabrics, sneakers, furniture, repositioning cruises

Best Time to Buy – May
Party and grill supplies, patio furniture, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, mattresses and box springs, cookware, summer hand bags, totes and swimwear, athletic shoes

Best Time to Buy – June
Hardware, home fix-it tools and materials, suits, paint, carpeting, vacuum cleaners, dishware, champagne, summer fashions, gym memberships, movie tickets

Best Time to Buy – July
Air-conditioners, major appliances, home decor, furniture, computers, summer wear, kid’s back to school clothing, craft supplies, grills, Broadway tickets

Best Time to Buy – August
Air conditioners, outdoor furniture, grills, camping gear, garden plants and flowers, lawn mowers, swim wear, school supplies, laptops, white sales, storage cleaners, MP3 players, dehumidifiers.

Best Time to Buy – September
Air conditioners, school supplies, shrubs, trees, and other plants, wine, bikes, cars, repositioning cruises, outdoor furniture, grills, and camping gear, holiday airfares

Best Time to Buy – October
Cars, Fishing Gearing, Cookware, Holiday Airfares, Toys, Re-Positioning Cruises, Large Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Shrubs, Bushes, Bulbs, Gas Grills, Jeans, Health Insurance

Best Time to Buy – November  Halloween candy and goods, home goods, toys, personal grooming products, televisions and other gadgets, winter staples, turkeys, furniture, wedding dresses, custom cards, photo books, etc.

Best Time to Buy – December
Food serving and storing pieces, holiday greeting cards, cars, off-color cars, shrubs, bushes, bulbs, wedding dresses and wedding gear, tools, champagne and sparkling wine, HDTV’s and home theaters, popular gift items such as perfume, tees, sweaters, jewelry, billfolds.

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